Where To Get The Best Pizza In Columbus, Ohio

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8 November 2016

Columbus is an all-American city that specializes in comfort food and beer, but there are a handful of pizzerias in this city that could give even the best Italian joints in New York a run for their money. Whether you’re looking for a heavenly white pizza while touring German Village or a pie piled high with toppings near the Ohio State campus, there are all sorts of pizzerias to choose from. So bring your appetite and check out these picks for the best pizza in Columbus.

Harvest Pizzeria | © Daniel Zemans/Flickr

Harvest Pizzeria

Do yourself a favor and be sure not to leave Columbus without trying the Spicy Yuma from Harvest Pizzeria. This divine pie is made with Gouda and Havarti cheese, chorizo, jalapenos, corn, roasted red peppers, and chipotle-spiced tomato sauce, and is the perfect spicy/sweet combination that sits on Harvest’s signature charred crust. All the ingredients for the pizzas are sourced from local farms (right down to the tomatoes) from Northridge Organic Farm in Johnston, Ohio. Harvest also serves an array of Italian small plates and desserts, including the popular Buckeye Pie, made with peanut butter and decadent chocolate custard.

Harvest Pizzeria, 495 S. 4th St, Columbus, OH, (614) 824-1769

Borgata Pizza Cafe

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Natalie's | © WikiCommons
The Borgata Pizza Cafe doesn’t look like much, this is a pretty nondescript joint in the middle of a strip mall, but it has some of the best pizza in the state. Borgata specializes in New York-style pizza; a standard round pie, triangle-cut, with build your own toppings. Although the menu also offers the Borgata Bistro Pizzas, including some unusual choices like the Gyro Pizza, a white pie with lamb, beef, feta cheese, lettuce, onion, and tzatziki sauce, build your own pie to really make the pizza your own. The crust is somewhere between thick and thin, so it’s rigid enough to avoid sagging and doughy enough to make your tastebuds sing. The pastas are made from scratch, and the cannolis are not to be missed.


For a true dining experience, try Natalie’s in Worthington, which serves top notch pizza in front of a live music stage. This intimate venue also serves New York style pizza, but in a highly unique way. The sourdough crust and stacked toppings are cooked in a coal-fire oven, which brings the temperature up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The high heat leaves a lovely char on the crust and adds a distinct smoky flavor to the pizza. Choose from the vast selection of wines to try with the robust Venetian Jail pizza, made with Italian sausage, ricotta, goats cheese, fresh herbs, arugula, and topped with a balsamic reduction. The balsamic finish is what really makes this pizza, adding a sweetness to die for.

Natalie’s, 5601 N. High St, Worthington, OH, (614) 436-2625

Hounddog’s 3 Degree Pizza

Hounddog’s 3 Degree Pizza, near the Ohio State campus, just about rules the pizza world in Columbus. This 24/7 dive serves an endlessly adjustable menu of Italian sides, sandwiches, and devilishly good pizza. Pies can be made with the original Hounddog’s thin crust or the Smokin’ Joe’s hand-tossed garlic crust. Sauces range from mild to Howlin’ Hot, and you can even substitute a pesto base for the classic marinara. The build your own pie is the best way to customize your pizza, but Hounddog’s specialty options are also phenomenal. If you’re looking for a hangover cure, try the Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza made with ground beef, onions, tomatoes, and bacon, and smothered in two layers of cheddar cheese.

Hounddog’s 3 Degree Pizza, 2657 N. High St, Columbus, OH, (614) 261-4686

Bono Pizza

Bono Pizza is a quirky pizza joint that used be located in the back of a convenience store, but has now re-located to Upper Arlington in the middle of an apartment complex. Despite their unusual choice of locales, Bono serves mouth watering pizza made with fresh ingredients. Choose from their entertaining list of pizza options including the popular San Vito, made with tomato sauce, matchstick ham sliced thin, and white onions. Fortune favors the bold with the spicy Cherry Bomb, made with a tomato base, Thai hot sauce, habanero peppers, fresh mozzarella, and chopped tomatoes. Take a chance and try anything on the menu – you won’t go amiss at Bono.

Bono Pizza, 1420 Presidential Dr, Columbus, OH, (614) 906-8646