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The 10 Best Restaurants In German Village, Columbus
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The 10 Best Restaurants In German Village, Columbus

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Is there such a thing as a hub of retained culinary excellence? The answer is yes and this can be found in Ohio‘s German Village. This excellence gives people the opportunity to enjoy the delights of multicultural foods that attract OSU students, locals, and tourists alike. If you are still struggling to decide where to eat, look no further because their 10 best restaurants are listed below.
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Barcelona Restaurant & Bar

Nestled in German Village, Barcelona Restaurant & Bar offers a local taste of Spain through eight menus filled with entrées, desserts, wines, beers, and cocktails to the brim. To keep their menu choices fresh, their menu changes regularly to debut innovative ideas from their kitchen. This makes each visit like eating at a different restaurant. With a bar in place for pre-dinner drinks, a dining area with dim intimate lighting, and a patio that was voted The Best Patio 2013, your experience is sure to be a memorable one here.

263 E Whittier St, Columbus, OH, +1 614 443 3699

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Schmidt’s Restaurant und Sausage Haus

Featured on Man v. Food: Carnivore Chronicles, Schmidt’s Restaurant und Sausage Haus’ exceptional guest services and food is a go-to establishment in German Village that has a homemade taste and a cozy ambiance. Dishes like the Bahama mama and the jumbo cream puff are guaranteed to excite guests’ taste buds and turn them into returning customers. To experience memorable hospitality and delicious food, Schmidt’s is the ideal venue in Ohio‘s German Village.

240 E Kossuth St., Columbus, OH, +1 614 444 6808

Schmidt's Restaurant und Sausage Haus | © Wiki Historian N OH/Wikicommons
Schmidt’s Restaurant und Sausage Haus | © Wiki Historian N OH/Wikicommons
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Brown Bag Deli

Located in the heart of German Village and just a few steps away from Schiller Park, Brown Bag Deli and its wide selection of light and hearty deli classics is open seven days a week. With a reasonably priced menu that has 16 sandwiches and the option to build your own bundle of deliciousness and joy, Brown Bag Deli is ideal for the busy college student, tourist, or family to simply enjoy the scenery and energy of this historic town. If guests visit during the spring and fall, patio seating is available as well.

898 Mohawk St., Columbus, OH, +1 614 443 4214

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Old Mohawk Restaurant

Stepping inside will grant guests the feeling of being close to 100 years of history that lives in the walls of Old Mohawk Restaurant. The building has been standing since 1933 and since then, its name and owners have changed, but something that has not gone away is originality. Its intimate setting is perfect for the whole family to enjoy, and the Mohawk specialties, like the crustless pizza, are really worth trying. With windows that light up the entire restaurant and the fall/winter menu specials, this place is perfect to go to when a blanket of snow covers the ground and when frost is sticking to the windows.

819 Mohawk St., Columbus, OH, +1 614 444 7204

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The Sycamore

In a renovated building lies an upscale restaurant in the middle of German Village called The Sycamore. Its wine and beer selections cater to the tavern style and atmosphere that it has had for so long, and its local organic sourcing ensures that they serve fresh food fit for their customers. Their soft lighting and serene ambiance is ideal for any kind of occasion and worthy of revisiting.

262 E. Sycamore St. Columbus OH, +1 614 754 1460

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Harvest Pizzeria

Harvest Pizzeria is a proud user of Ohio produce, dairy, and Ohio-proud meats. These farms contribute to the creation of savory artisan pizza. The wine and beer selections include a full rotating bottle list and seasonal options that cater to your mood and pair with the weather. Enjoy their weekend specials and their gluten-free and vegetarian pizzas that are available upon request.

495 S. 4th St., Columbus, OH, +1 614 824 1769

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Lindey’s Restaurant & Bar

Just outside of downtown Columbus is an American bistro established in 1981 with 13 menus and a complimentary valet accommodating your needs. They offer weekend brunch, gluten-free menus, and thanksgiving menus to cater to the modern day restaurant goer. Its location is picturesque and the tables and décor are have a hint of regality to them; their specialties like the duroc pork chop and Ohio Amish chicken are notable and easily marked as a Lindey’s cuisine.

169 E Beck St., Columbus, OH, +1 614 228 4343

Steak and chips | © LWY/Wikicommons
Steak and chips | © LWY/Wikicommons
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Village Coney

Village Coney is a family owned and operated restaurant that specializes in making delicious Coney dogs, but that is not all they serve; they also serve succulent 1/3 pound burgers, steamy chilli, crisp salads, savory spaghetti and they even offer daily specials including Coney dogs for less than two dollars on Mondays. On top of that, to add to this affordable onslaught of deliciousness, Village Coney prepares homemade ham and bean soup that is an ideal partner for their Pittsburgh salad that will warm your stomach.

418 E Whittier St., Columbus, OH, +1 614 445 9633

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Skillet. Rustic. Urban. Food.

Located in Schumacher place, between German Village and Merion village, is a two-story brick restaurant called Skillet. Rustic. Urban. Food.. Ohio farmers, foragers, and craftsmen and women supply dairy, mushrooms, seafood, and red meats to Skillet to help create fresh delectable foods. Their American breakfast and burger creations complements the weather as the menu changes with the seasons, engaging with customers’ palates, and gives a new definition to comfort food with their farm-to-table freshness that is apparent in every health-conscious dish they prepare.

410 E Whittier St., Columbus, OH, +1 614 443 2266

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Easy Street Café

With the desire to share old family recipes, that have been passed down through several generations, and the passion for food, Easy Street Café was opened in 1983. Dishes like lamb lollipops, saganaki (a Greek dish of fried cheese), the Philly burger, and the Easy Street sandwich all exist under one roof at Easy Street Café. Greek, Mediterranean, and American cuisines are all a part of their standard menu and with their flexible hours of operation, you can enjoy these foods until 2am on some days. So stop through and have a bite of Easy Street.

197 Thurman Ave, Columbus, OH, +1 614 444 3279