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The 10 Best Cultural Hotels In Columbus, Ohio
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The 10 Best Cultural Hotels In Columbus, Ohio

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Nicknamed “The Biggest Small Town in America”, the story of Columbus’s many historic hotels tells a similar tale. With renovated, historic hotels and bed and breakfasts in the heart of the city, the traveller has many fantastic options to chose from. Read Culture Trip’s guide to the best cultural hotels in Columbus, Ohio.
The Westin Columbus
The Westin Great Southern Hotel | © Richie Diesterheft/Flickr
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The Westin Columbus

Known previously as The Great Southern Hotel built in 1897, The Westin Columbus stands in tribute to the collective dreams of this Midwestern town. The Westin, built in the French Renaissance style, was originally funded by 400 Columbians investing $100 each, making The Westin’s origins unlike any throughout the region. The hotel has gone through extensive renovations and today attracts many corporate travellers, celebrities and anyone interested in treating themselves to a stay at this Columbus landmark.

The Westin Columbus, 310 S High St, Columbus OH, USA, +1 614-228-3800

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The Timbrook Guesthouse

The Timbrook Guesthouse has a storied familial history as one of the Columbus area’s most historic bed and breakfasts. Once known as the ‘Old Jack Antrim Farmhouse’, this southern colonial mansion has stood since 1875, first through ownership of the Antrim family, then the Timmons family, and now the Doles, who have recently converted a portion of their mansion into the guest house itself. Enjoy the delicious continental breakfast and this bed and breakfast’s scenic placement near one of Columbus’s best parks.

The Timbrook Guesthouse, 5811 Olentangy River Rd, Columbus OH, USA, +1 419-560-3263

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Royal Inn Motel

Despite its modest appearance, the Royal Inn Motel has quietly been serving travellers passing through Columbus with honest, top-quality service. Boasting all the amenities expected of a mid-level chain hotel, this one has a level of personal service that really comes up trumps. Stay at the Royal Inn Motel for the value and their unbeatable attention to customer service.

Royal Inn Motel, 2330 Westbelt Dr, Columbus OH, USA, +1 614-771-2760

Short North Murals
Short North Murals, Columbus OH | © Bob Hall/Flickr
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50 Lincoln Short North Bed & Breakfast

Situated in Columbus’s trendy Short North neighborhood, 50 Lincoln Short North Bed & Breakfast is a newly renovated Italianate-style bed and breakfast in one of the most attractive parts of town. Once a duplex during the neighborhood’s transitional period, the owners installed elegant hardwood floors, added crown molding and comfortable furniture to compliment the 21st century amenities. 50 Lincoln Short North Bed and Breakfast, 50 E Lincoln St, Columbus OH, USA, +1 614-299-5050

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The Lofts Hotel

The Lofts Hotel, a former warehouse for over 90 years until its conversion into an influential architectural firm in the 1970s, offers a spacious, vintage loft-style boutique hotel to visitors to Columbus. The hotel’s wood and steel beams, and original brick subway tiles offer an aged aesthetic found nowhere else in the city, along with many other luxurious amenities in each of its 44 rooms. With its many floor-to-ceiling windows, catch a glimpse of downtown Columbus from this stylish lodging.

The Lofts Hotel, 55 E Nationwide Blvd, Columbus OH, USA, +1 614-461-2663

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Neil Avenue Bed and Breakfast

Built for a Columbus businessman in 1893, the Neil Avenue Bed & Breakfast offers speciality accommodation in one of the community’s most historic Victorian homes. As a popular lodging for Buckeye fans, this bed and breakfast specializes in personalized service. Indulge in this bed and breakfast’s beautifully themed rooms and modern amenities for a quiet stay in one of Columbus’s most beautiful structures.

Neil Avenue Bed and Breakfast, 1237 Neil Ave, Columbus OH, USA, +1 614-670-5075

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Castle Inn Bed & Breakfast

30 minutes south of downtown Columbus, the Castle Inn Bed & Breakfast stands majestic, providing a scenic sanctuary for its many visitors. From its delicious home-cooked breakfasts to its heart-shaped Jacuzzis to its many outdoor amenities, the Castle Inn Bed & Breakfast entices all who appreciate relaxing amidst the great outdoors in a turn-of-the-century, castle-style mansion.

Castle Inn B&B, 610 S Court St, Circleville OH, USA, +1 740-412-2472

Continental Breakfast
Continental Breakfast | © itsbruce/Flickr
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Harrison House Bed & Breakfast

From its plush furniture to its dated antiques, the Harrison House Bed & Breakfast provides a uniquely historical comfort amidst the Harrison West neighborhood of Columbus. The appearance of the exterior is exquisite, from its finely green trim to its custom-made pillar heads and windows. In the inside, comfort and cleanliness come first, and coupled with the proprietor’s hospitality and home-made breakfasts, this bed and breakfast is an ideal place to stay while in Columbus.

Harrison House Bed & Breakfast, 313 W 5th Ave, Columbus OH, USA, +1 614-421-2202

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Hawthorne Park Bed & Breakfast

Hawthorne Park Bed & Breakfast makes its home among the 10 other mansions of Woodland Park in northeast Columbus. This American, shingle-style house is characterized by its dated charm yet modern luxuries. As a peaceful asylum within walking distance of downtown, any of the four rooms in this bed & breakfast make for the perfect getaway in this Midwestern city.

Hawthorne Park Bed & Breakfast, 1616 Hawthorne Park, Columbus OH, USA, +1 614-372-5507

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Victorian Village Guest House

The Victorian Village Guest House sits amid its namesake neighborhood as a solitary space, decorated in an old, refined style. With its 950 square feet, the unique amenities of this suite include 17-foot high ceilings and enjoyable views of the property owner’s cozy patios and beautiful perennial gardens. Come to the Victorian Village Guest House for a peaceful retreat amidst Columbus’s most historic neighborhood.

Victorian Village Guest House, 1149 Neil Ave, Columbus OH, USA, +1 614-294-2849