The Top 10 Restaurants in Bismark, North Dakota

Bismark, North Dakota | © Greg Gjerdingen
Bismark, North Dakota | © Greg Gjerdingen
Bismarck is a fun and relaxed city, the state’s cultural hub and a great place for eating out. We’ve updated our previous roundup of the top 10 restaurants in Bismarck to bring you an even more comprehensive selection of great dining spots in this North Dakota city.
ND State Capitol Bismarck © Bobak Ha’Eri

Steak and Seafood

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40 Steak and Seafood
40 Steak and Seafood | Courtesy Dale Zimmerman
40 Steak and Seafood is one of the most happening restaurants in Bismarck. The restaurant features five unique dining rooms, with each one illustrating a different historic period of North Dakota. ‘Women of the Prairie’ is a room filled with artworks showing female pioneers, while ‘Cattlemen’s Room’ is wholly given over to the famous ranchers and cowboys of the state. The menu focuses on excellent local beef, and seafood is flown in fresh every day. As well as American classics, there are also a few nods to Mexican and Asian cuisines.
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Bread Poets

Bakery, Pastry Shop, Pastries, Vegetarian
While now a burgeoning franchise, this quirky bakery places its roots firmly in Bismarck. Bread Poets’ first store on East Thayer Avenue opened more than 15 years ago, serving a selection of beautiful artisan wholemeal bread loaves and rolls. All of the bread is baked fresh on site and is only sold within 30 hours of being finished by hand – anything older than this is donated to local homeless charities. Loaves include soft white, dark rye and even a brownie loaf for chocolate lovers, making this bakery a must-visit for all.
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Bruno’s Pizza

Bruno’s Pizza serves the very best hand-tossed pizzas. Using the highest quality local ingredients, Bruno’s creates pizza just like those you would expect to find in New York or Chicago. Served by friendly waiting staff in a light, airy environment, guests can choose from traditional pizza toppings, as well as a host of other Italian-inspired specialties. Whether meaty or veggie, all pizzas are a generous size and come slathered in cheese and hand-made tomato sauce.

Bruno’s Pizza, 910 E Front Ave, Bismarck, ND, USA, +1 701 751 3700

Country House Deli

Deli, Restaurant, Sandwich Shop, Fast Food
The Country House Deli is everything you would expect a locally owned restaurant to be. It began by selling cheese and sausages in the 1970s and, since then, has evolved to become one of Bismarck’s best sandwich shops. Country House Deli focuses on homemade dishes, made from quality ingredients, with efficient service. Lunchtime staples include salads, freshly prepared soups and chilli con carne, as well as hot and cold deli sandwiches. The Bismarck Deli sandwich is a beast, comprising pastrami, ham, bacon, Swiss cheese, horseradish sauce and coleslaw while the even more intimidating Super Deli sandwich is packed with ham, turkey, salami, Muenster cheese, Colby cheese, pickles, onions, peppers, lettuce, and tomato – delicious.
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Fried’s Family Restaurant

Restaurant, American, German
A popular restaurant that serves a blend of American and German cuisines, Fried’s Family Restaurant piles plates high with classic comfort food. The stars of the show are undoubtedly the brunch and breakfast options, where crispy bacon, eggs, toast and home-fried potatoes all come into their own. The lunch and dinner menus contain a selection of hearty German soups, for a taste of old Europe.
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Harvest Brazilian Grill

Harvest Brazilian Grill serves fantastic South American skewers and acts as the local churrascaria – which is Portuguese for a meat-eater’s heaven. At lunch, patrons can expect to enjoy a selection of gourmet sandwiches, such as the BBQ shredded beef, cranberry chicken, and club panini. For dinner, the Brazilian Grill offers an all-you-can-eat experience that features rib-eye steaks, spicy and smoked sausages, grilled pineapple and barbecued chicken. All of these are cooked using traditional Brazilian methods, over an open grill.

Harvest Brazilian Grill, 308 W Main St, Mandan, ND, USA, +1 701 751 4393

JL Beers

JL Beers is a local to North Dakota, particularly in the cities of Fargo and Bismarck. Purveyors of fine craft beers, JL Beers restaurants – including this flagship – showcase the best in quality brews and great food. The menu features a whole range of classic, juicy beef burgers, as well as black bean and quinoa burger as a vegetarian option. The beer is, of course, the star of the show. Visitors can choose between light ales, fizzy lager-style beers or even dark ales from the comprehensive menu.

JL Beers, 217 N 3rd St, Bismarck, ND, USA, +1 701 751 4855

Peacock Alley

Peacock Alley, a culinary landmark in the Bismarck dining scene, can be found in the beautiful and historic Patterson Hotel. It has been serving food to patrons for more than 80 years, and used to play host to presidents and boxers, whose photos decorate the walls, and parties during the Prohibition era. Known for its strong drinks and succulent beef patties, Peacock Alley’s lunch menu offers sandwiches, burgers, and wraps, while the dinner menu is a steak-lover’s paradise, with a few seafood dishes too. Additionally, with many beers on tap, and martinis that have been voted the best in Bismarck, guests are guaranteed a good time.

Peacock Alley, 422 E Main Ave, Bismarck, ND, USA, +1 701 255 7917

Peacock Alley
Peacock Alley | Courtesy Dale Zimmerman

Pirogue Grill

Restaurant, North American, $$$

For those seeking a perfect Midwest setting, there is no need to look further than Pirogue Grill. With a long narrow interior, complete with exposed-brick walls and burnished metal work, this restaurant boasts a seasonal menu that brings guests back time after time. Locally sourced and organic are the watchwords of Pirogue Grill, a restaurant that specializes in North Dakota-raised beef, bison, lamb, chicken, walleye, and pork. For the less carnivorous, there are also choices of pasta and seafood, as well as ever-changing weekly specials.

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The Bistro

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Lobster Ravioli
Lobster Ravioli | © Karyn Christner
The Bistro, packed full of character and set in a carriage house that is over 100 years old, is open for lunch, dinner, and drinks. The walls are a rich golden color, decked with Grecian-style art, and furnished with cherry-wood pieces. The food at The Bistro is a combination of new-style American cuisine and classic Italian dishes. In fact, one of The Bistro’s most popular dishes is the eponymous Bistro Burger, a 10oz minced-beef burger, finished with bacon, red onion, tomato and cheese, served in a delicious brioche bun. Thursdays in particular are not to be missed, as live music and equally live seafood make an appearance.
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