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The 10 Best Brunch Spots In East Charlotte
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The 10 Best Brunch Spots In East Charlotte

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Updated: 22 November 2016
East Charlotte is on the more residential side of the city of Charlotte, but is not without a certain character and zeal that you can’t find anywhere else. East Charlotte is home to a handful of historic neighborhoods and chic apartment complexes, as well as some great restaurants. Here’s our guide to the best brunches in the area.
Breakfast with biscuits, bacon and grits
Breakfast with biscuits, bacon and grits | © stu_spivack/Flickr
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The Flying Biscuit Cafe

The Flying Biscuit Cafe is a well-known establishment down south, mostly because it offers the most authentic Southern-style breakfast foods you’ve ever tasted and it serves them all day long. Everything they serve is made from scratch; from the apple butter you can spread on flaky, warm biscuits to the tender, juicy chicken sausage you can get on the side, nothing is store-bought or processed. The decor is funky and colorful, from vibrant ceramic plates to bright paisley tablecloths. You feel like you’re family here, laughing and chatting over glasses of orange juice and mugs of coffee.

Address and telephone number: 7930 Rea Rd., Charlotte, NC 28277 +1 (704) 295-4440

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Crispy Crêpe

If you think crêpes can only be made airily light and incredibly crispy in a Parisian patisserie, you have not yet experienced Charlotte’s own Crispy Crêpe. Located in the historic South End of Charlotte, it was founded by Chef Said Gomaa who trained for over fifteen years in Athens’ best culinary schools to refine his techniques and serve the most authentic crêpes, waffles and pastries that Charlotteans have ever tasted. His creations are a tribute to his wife, who hails from Quebec and longed for breakfast foods reminiscent of her French-Canadian upbringing.

Address and telephone number: 1436 South Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28203 +1 (704) 332-4440

Toast Cafe, Charlotte NC
Toast Cafe, Charlotte NC | © Mark Catoe/Flickr
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Famous Toastery

Alternatively known as the Toast Cafe, the Famous Toastery is a three-store chain with locations sprinkled throughout Charlotte. The flagship location in East Charlotte is still the most frequented and beloved of the three, despite being founded only a decade ago. The concept of farm-to-fork is evident in the homemade menu options, hand-crafted by best friends and chefs Brian Burchill and Robert Maynard. Some fan favorites you can find here include a handful of different Eggs Benedict dishes (ranging from Portobello mushroom to lobster) and stuffed French toast topped with the syrup.

Address and telephone number: 8430 Rea Rd., Charlotte, NC 28277 +1 (980) 613-8343

Tyron Street
Tyron Street | © John Ashley/Flickr
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Hazelnuts Crêperie

Don’t let the website’s ongoing renovation deter you from checking out Hazelnuts Crêperie on the ever-popular Tryon Street. Come by on a Sunday morning or a Wednesday afternoon, you won’t be disappointed at the unbelievably diverse selection of sweet and savory crêpes at this joint. Locals love how Hazelnuts uses the freshest ingredients to make its light, airy and golden crêpes and fillings, including cheeses sourced from local dairy farms. Anything you want here you can get almost all day long, so stop by for a leisurely bite.

Address and telephone number: 200 S Tryon St., Charlotte, NC 28201 +1 (704) 910-0782

Breakfast Burrito with scrambled eggs
Breakfast Burrito with scrambled eggs l | © Tavallai/Flickr
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Cafe 100

Cafe 100 is the quintessential family-style restaurant that will transport you to another time and place when you’re here. Situated in one of the more residential and rural parts of East Charlotte, you feel like you’re getting away from the city when you brunch here. The restaurant’s entrance is styled like the outpost of an old-fashioned tavern from the Wild West, so you know your food is going to be just as authentic. Come here for breakfast burritos made with spicy Pepperjack and scrambled eggs, cheesy omelets on the side of your grilled vegetables, and fluffy pancakes drenched in chocolate sauce.

Address and telephone number: 100 Huntersville-Concord Rd., Huntersville, NC 28078 +1 (704) 274-5932

Pancakes with chocolate syrup
Pancakes with chocolate syrup | © digipham/Flickr
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Stacks Kitchen

If you’re on a tighter budget and in a bit of a rush in the morning, make a pit stop at Stacks Kitchen. It’s not the fanciest place in the world, fashioned more like an old-fashioned Southern diner than an upscale restaurant, but the food here is first class. It’s a family-style restaurant that emphasizes the family aspect like no other, promising to serve breakfast all day long using only the freshest local ingredients in recipes that have been kept a family secret for decades. Nothing is pre-prepared; nothing is frozen the night before; nothing is bought in bulk. This is the standard to which Stacks Kitchen holds itself.

Address and telephone number: 100 Huntersville-Concord Rd., Huntersville, NC 28078 +1 (704) 274-5932

Shuffleboard l | © regan76/Flickr
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Zada Jane’s Corner Cafe

Zada Jane’s Corner Cafe specializes in organic breakfast fare for vegetarians and vegans. This funky and eclectic cafe is, unsurprisingly, on the corner of Thomas and Central Avenue, but what may surprise you is its beachfront vibe. There’s an outdoor patio with large beach umbrellas, and even a shuffleboard where you can play while you wait for your Huevos Rancheros, East Side hashed potatoes and mushroom-spinach omelet.

Address and telephone number: 1601 Central Ave., Charlotte, NC 28205 +1 (704) 332-3663

Historic Dunhill Hotel, Charlotte
Historic Dunhill Hotel, Charlotte | © James Willamor/Flickr

The Asbury

The Asbury has a brunch menu which promises modern Southern charm on a plate, dedicated to whipping up a breakfast and lunch hybrid that’s uniquely Charlottean. The rustic and sophisticated ambiance serves to complement each dish crafted by New South culinary expert Chris Coleman, The Asbury’s fun-loving chef.

Address and telephone number: 235 N Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28202 +1 704-342-1193

The Bloody Mary
The Bloody Mary | © Johann Napp/Flickr
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131 Main

131 Main prides itself on its promptness, diversity of flavor, relaxed environment and ease of accessibility. If you make sure to reserve a table for Sunday morning, you’re guaranteed to enjoy the incredibly popular brunch menu. Complete with tasty concoctions like crunchy granola parfaits with your choice of fresh fruits and creamy vanilla yogurt, golden-crusted brioche bread pudding, and just-squeezed, spicy Bloody Marys. Come early and grab a spot outside; with ample seating on the outdoor patio, there’s no better place to enjoy the most important meal of the day.

Address and telephone number: 1315 East Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28203 +1 (704) 343-0131

Red Velvet Pancakes
Red Velvet Pancakes | © viviandnguyen_/Flickr
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Terrace Cafe

Terrace Cafe is a lovely little eatery located on Piedmont Row. Every dish on the menu carries a hint of the owners’ love for a sweet, syrupy Southern breakfast. Terrace Cafe has won awards for its innovative takes on waffles, pancakes, and French toast. Try the red velvet waffles and pancakes, the s’mores French toast and the bacon Bloody Mary.

Address and telephone number: 4625 Piedmont Row Dr. #105, Charlotte, NC 28210 +1 (704) 554-6177