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7th Street Public Market | ©
7th Street Public Market | ©
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The Best Markets in Charlotte, North Carolina

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Updated: 1 February 2018
Why do we love farmers’ markets so much? There’s something about rows of handcrafted wares, super-fresh produce, and the smell of local pop-up restaurants that make you feel connected to the community whether you’re a local or just visiting. Discover some of the best markets in Charlotte below.
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Charlotte Regional Farmers Market

Charlotte’s largest farmers’ market happens year-round Tuesdays through Saturdays from October to April and Tuesdays through Sundays May through September. Five buildings divide the goods into North Carolina products, wines and meats, baked goods, seafood, and regional produce, and gardening supplies share a building with the food court. Together, the structures provide shoppers with over 65,000 square feet of shopping grounds to cover.

Charlotte Regional Farmers Market, 1801 Yorkmont Road, Charlotte, NC, USA, +1 704 357 1269

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NoDa Farmers Market

The NoDa Farmers Market only operates on Saturdays from April to November, but locals flock here during the warmer months to see the new batch of unique artisan products not found at the other farmers’ markets, such as exclusive flavors from Iva Jean’s Fudge only sold at this location.

NoDa Farmers Market, 701 E 36th Street, Charlotte, NC, USA, +1 704 906 1705

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7th Street Public Market

Are you looking for a full day of shopping? 7th Street Public Market sits in the Charlotte Center City shopping district and serves as an incubator for gourmet food purveyors as they constantly showcase new vendors. This bustling Uptown hot spot, which is located indoors, deserves a few hours browsing, eating, and drinking, especially on a rainy day.

7th Street Public Market, 224 E 7th Street, Charlotte, NC, USA, +1 704 230 4346

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Newell Farmers Market

For market-goers who want to keep things simple, on Saturdays head to Newell Farmers Market, a small outdoor farm stand off the beaten path. Here, the fruit and vegetable bounties from just one farm fill the tables. Yet, the Newton family also works with other local area farmers so that shoppers can also purchase a variety of meats. Pro tip: Some bins empty out by mid-day, so plan to arrive in the morning.

Newell Farmers Market, 1704 Rocky River Road, Charlotte, NC, USA, +1 704 578 1415

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Cotswold Farmers Market

Some days, a quick stop and grab are all you’re looking for from a farmers’ market, while other days call for a leisurely outing that doubles as a day date with your loved one, friends, or family. Cotswold not only has a solid selection of local harvests but also live music and fun events like cooking competitions and demonstrations. It’s only open on Saturdays from May until October.

Cotswold Farmers Market, 309 S Sharon Amity Road, Charlotte, NC, USA, +1 704 975 5054

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Atherton Mill and Market

Considered a “fancy” indoor farmers’ market, large wooden tables, counter service, and cooking classes keep this former mill hopping every Saturday. Artisan bath supplies and many garden needs are also available here.

Atherton Mill Market, 2120 South Boulevard, Charlotte, NC, USA, +1 800 604 0410

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Matthews Community Farmers’ Market

Those who want to support a growers-only market—a market that only carries items grown within 50 miles (80 kilometers)—should check out Matthews Community Farmers’ Market located 11 miles (18 kilometers) southeast of Charlotte. Sticking to this small radius means that products sell out fast, so aim to arrive when they open at 8 am on Saturdays year-round. Plus, does it get more wholesome than walking through a white picket fence to enter?

Matthews Community Farmers’ Market, 188 N Trade Street, Matthews, NC, USA, +1 980 293 2698