Where to Get a Spray Tan in New York, Because Summer's Not Over

Courtesy of Jill Di Donato
Courtesy of Jill Di Donato
Photo of Jill Di Donato
Fashion Editor17 August 2017

Labor Day might be swiftly approaching, but that doesn’t have to mean the end of summer. One way to extend all those summer feels is to get a spray tan that you can maintain all the way into autumn. As Culture Trip’s fashion and beauty editor, I searched Manhattan for the best spray tan, and found body artist Marlena Orlowska of Paul Labrecque Salon, who has mastered the art of the spray tan to give you glowing skin. Here’s what makes this New York’s best spray tan.

Because the skin is the body’s largest and fastest-growing organ, serving as a protective barrier for internal organs and fluids, it’s vital to your health that you make wise choices in what skincare products you slather (or spray) on to it. In addition to being a protective barrier, the skin rids the body of toxins and helps prevent waste build up. Therefore, taking care of your skin helps you care for your overall health.

© Paul Labrecque Salon | © Paul Labrecque Salon

In my search for the New York’s best spray tan, it was vital to find a formula that wouldn’t disturb the skin’s equilibrium and a formula that won’t deposit chemicals into the skin. For vanity reasons, I also didn’t want that tell-tale orange tint, and I was looking for a spray-tan to help contour my body, giving the appearance of a more toned body than I actually have.

Marlena Orlowska of Paul Labrecque Salon

My search led me to Marlena Orlowska of Paul Labrecque Salon, where the spray tan formula is made from a micro nutrient technology that delivers a potent blend of vitamins and antioxidants to boost the skin’s natural glow. Plus, the formula is paraben Free, gluten Free, 100 percent vegan, nut allergen free, and unscented.

I arrived at the salon freshly exfoliated and changed into a paper thong for my application. Here’s what I learned about the art of the spray tan:

Jill Di Donato: What are the three most important instructions to follow when getting a spray tan?
Marlena Orlowska of Paul Labrecque Salon: Be sure to exfoliate the day before or morning of your appointment. Stay dry and cool for eight to ten hours after receiving the treatment, and use only oil and alcohol-free products on your skin after the tanning process.

JDD: Your formula is organic. Why is that important?
MO: The herbs in the Paul Labrecque Air Bronze formula help provide green undertones to prevent the skin from turning orange. That really gives you a flawless, dewy look.

JDD: How can you extend the use of the spray tan?
MO: Again, don’t use any products that contain oil or alcohol on your skin. I also like and suggest the Hampton Sun Sunless Tanning Mist to keep your color looking even and great.

JDD: How can I prevent my spray tan from rubbing off on my clothing?
MO: Wear loose, dark clothing until you’re able to shower for the first time after receiving a spray tan. Keep in mind that any residue or color you see on your clothing will wash out.

The results (note: I have extremely fair skin with red undertones)

Courtesy of Jill Di Donato

The spray tan delivered and stayed fresh for a solid ten days. It did rub off on my sheets, but not severely, and after one wash, my sheets were white again. As for my skin, it stayed healthy and was aglow.

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