The Best At-Home Wellness Services for Busy New Yorkers

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Wellness Editor1 October 2018

There’s nothing like a subway journey to undo that post-wellness-session serenity. Luckily, these mobile services bring the workouts and self-care treatments to your place.


Soothe sends vetted massage therapists to your home complete with a table, freshly laundered sheets, oils and a suitably chill playlist. Essentially, the therapist creates a spa-like ambience in your space while you enjoy the treatment. Afterwards, you get to marinate in relaxation from the sanctuary of your own sofa.

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Big Toe Yoga is a sweet studio in SoHo with magenta lighting and a relaxed, non-cliquey vibe. Download the app and you can summon a teacher to your home for a private session with as little as two hours’ notice. Make a one-off booking for $75 (ideal if you’re visiting New York) or opt for a studio subscription plan and get yoga on demand for just $59 per session.


Whether you’re in need of extractions and the whole shebang or a more pampering facial, The Ritualist is at your service. A licensed esthetician comes to you and provides a skincare diagnosis, cleanse, tone, exfoliation, facial massage and hydration treatment – all with its signature plant-based skincare line. The service starts at $69 for 30 minutes, and bookings of one hour also include a custom mask with a more extensive massage.

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IV drip therapy

The I.V. Doc is on a mission to speed up your recovery time, be it from illness, jet lag or a particularly nasty hangover. It also specializes in some decidedly wellness-focused infusions intended to help you look and feel your best. After a virtual consultation, a licensed medical professional comes to your location – be it a house, office or hotel – and administers the appropriate treatment. A short while later you should be firing on all cylinders again.


If you’re trying to start a regular meditation practice, set up a comfy spot in your lounge and use Namaste – a comprehensive in-home wellness service – to book a guided session. Getting a little professional help from a meditation teacher might just be the key to creating a practice that sticks.

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