The 9 Best Halal Spots in New York City

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Falafel | © JacobEnos / Flickr</a>
<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Falafel | © JacobEnos / Flickr</a>
By far, the best part about living in New York City is the wide variety of food options from all over the world within just a few miles. Even when dealing with certain dietary restrictions—like, say, halal food—there is no shortage of spots throughout the city that will not only accommodate needs but surpass expectations. From Pakistani- to Moroccan-inspired restaurants, here are nine of our favorite spots for halal meals within Manhattan.

The Halal Guys

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The ultimate in New York City halal, and perhaps the standard across the city, is The Halal Guys. Although some may choose to visit the brick-and-mortar shop on East 14th Street, any one of the multiple food carts set up throughout the city is just as good. Order the standard gyro or chicken and lamb over rice. No matter what you order, you are taking part in the old-fashioned New York City street meat tradition.

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Adel’s Famous Halal Food

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When hunting for halal in the middle of the city, Adel’s—just down the street from Radio City Music Hall—should satisfy. Pick up a classic lamb and chicken over spicy rice for only $6. Plus, it’s open until 5a.m., so get your halal fix at all hours.

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Istanbul Kebab House

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This Turkish-Mediterranean spot is, arguably, one of the most famous places for halal in the whole city. Stop by for a wide variety of kebabs, including chicken, lamb, or the Istanbul Special (shish, adana, gyro, and lamb chops).

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Sammy's Halal Cart

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This halal cart set up in the West Village is typically frequented by NYU students between classes or coming back to their dorms after a late night out. The cart is absolutely famous for its special red and green spicy sauces—so much so that some New Yorkers refuse to go anywhere else for their kick.

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Au Za’atar

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Falafel salad
Falafel salad | © jcvelis / Pixabay

Halal food can be fusion, too. When downtown and looking for something a bit different, Au Za’atar’s Arabian-French menu includes standards like falafel and kebabs but also moules frites and salad nicoise.

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Falafel from Mamoun’s (located on the bustling and international MacDougal Street) should be on everyone’s New York City bucket list. It’s been an institution in Greenwich Village since it opened its doors in 1971. Go to the original location for true hole-in-the-wall charm and a falafel sandwich for only $3.50.

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B&D Halal Restaurant

Restaurant, African, Halal, $$$

For halal in Chelsea, head to this West African-style restaurant. The menu choices are not as traditional as many other halal places in the city, but the adventure is what makes this spot worth trying. Visitors go crazy over B&D’s goat curry, lamb stew, and cow’s feet.

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For something that’s a bit more upscale, Tagine in the Garment District serves up Moroccan food and live entertainment. There’s also a hookah bar for those looking to stay well into the night. Of course, while you’re there you have to try one of the tagines: there’s lamb, chicken, and vegetarian options.

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ABA Turkish Restaurant

Restaurant, Turkish, Mediterranean, Kebab, Halal, $$$

The menu at ABA is consistently cited as one of the most authentic places for Turkish dishes in the city. Guests can choose from a wide variety of kebab or eat their way through a four-course dinner that wraps up with a traditional Turkish coffee.

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