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Elizabeth and Dale
Elizabeth and Dale | © @sweatsandthecity
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Wellness Editor11 May 2018

Elizabeth and Dale are the roomies-turned-friends behind Sweats & the City—the blog and popular Instagram account dedicated to giving an honest lowdown on New York’s best boutique fitness classes.

With more options than ever before (not to mention more gimmicks) it can be difficult to decide which workouts are worthy of your money—especially since some classes cost upwards of $30 each. While exploring New York’s fitness buffet through booking platform ClassPass, Dale and Elizabeth felt the need for a more curated list of studios and their benefits.

“We would always come home and discuss the classes we took that day—the good, the bad, what we wish we knew, the list went on,” they explained. “We wanted to know details about the classes. Like, do they have showers? Is it worth our time? Who are the best instructors?”

Unable to find an unbiased platform to provide this information, they decided to create one themselves, and Sweats & the City was born. Two years later the duo have a solid following, including more than 50,000 Instagram followers who hang on their every recommendation.

Culture Trip caught up with Dale and Elizabeth to find out their top tips for staying fit in New York City.

Elizabeth & Dale try Spiderbands | © @sweatsandthecity

Culture Trip: Have you always been into fitness or is that something that developed over time?

Sweats & the City: We have always been pretty active, but it wasn’t until we really got into exploring boutique fitness through ClassPass that we got hooked. We really value a healthy lifestyle and love to walk everywhere we can.

CT: Everybody in New York is perpetually busy. What’s the best way to fit exercise around a packed schedule?

SATC: I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but it’s all about priorities. Once you really make fitness a priority and see the difference in your life, it’s so simple to make it into a routine. We used to view fitness as a task, but now it’s second nature to wake up and hit the studio, mostly because we really enjoy it. So make sure you find studios that you love, and not just because everyone’s doing it. If you don’t like to run, then don’t run! There are plenty of ways to stay active.

Make it social and suggest a class and post-workout smoothie/meal with friends instead of happy hour. Another great tip is to put it in your calendar. If you’ve signed up for a class and blocked out the time for it (and know there’s a penalty fee to cancel last minute) it’ll feel more “set in stone.”

CT: What are your favorite studios in NYC?

SATC: We love Project By Equinox (specifically The Sculpt Society), Tracy Anderson Method, SoulAnnex, Barre3, Physique 57, Rumble Boxing, Flex Studios, Body By Simone—the list goes on!

Elizabeth and Dale in SweatyBetty activewear | © @sweatsandthecity

CT: You both seem to love barre in particular. Any advice for New Yorkers trying to find a workout that keeps them coming back for more?

SATC: We love barre for a few reasons: it gets great results and it’s not an intense sweat, which is ideal for the days that we don’t want to wash our hair (maybe TMI, but VERY true). It really works those hard to reach muscles and doesn’t spike our appetite like a HIIT workout. We really think barre is great for staying lean and getting definition.

CT: Fitness classes can be really expensive in this city. Have you found any hacks for working out on a budget?

SATC: We’re actually putting together a list of first time deals and regular studio offers for our followers so they can refer to it. Many studios do have great deals to take advantage of, then you can sprinkle in more expensive classes like Rumble Boxing and SoulCycle as a treat.

Although ClassPass credits are seemingly going up and up, it’s still a pretty good deal compared to buying single sessions or packages. There’s a ton of amazing online class streaming options now, which are great if you’re on a budget. We have also been class hosting a ton in the city—working with studios to offer special classes for our followers at a discounted rate. There’s tons of food and everyone leaves with a gift bag. Win-win!

CT: What do you do on days when you can’t make it to a studio?

SATC: If you can’t hit up a class or the gym one day, really try to work in your steps! Take the stairs instead of the escalator/elevator and try to remain as active as possible. It really makes a difference.

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