Style From The 'Ladies Of Shred'

Photo of Jill Di Donato
Fashion Editor5 March 2018

In the 1970s, Cindy Whitehead made history as an OG girl who skated, in the decade of DogTown, no less. Although skateboarding is known as a male dominated sport, that’s changing.

Today, girls like Alana Smith and Leticia Bufoni are ripping, and making headlines not just for their skating style, but for their personal style as well. Girls who grind, (Smith grind and nosegrind — that is) dress not only for function, but also for fashion. And why shouldn’t they? These girls get respect for what their bodies can do, but that doesn’t mean they can’t also get respect for how they look. As skater Yasmeen Wilkerson tells me, “The thing people get wrong about girls who skate is that their femininity cannot be a source for power.”

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s time to get rid of the tired notion that girls can’t be amazing and look amazing at the same time. After all, fashion isn’t just about a series of trends and dress habits, it’s an expression of your inner goddess. And, girls who skate totally have fashion idols. Lizzi Reid tells me, “My fashion idol is Fabio Costa.”

In this editorial, get to know some of New York’s fiercest girl skaters, and the styles — from “ghetto goth” to “skate witch” to “post-apocalyptic duchess” that distinguish them.

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Photography by New York based photographer, Kelsea Kolso for Culture Trip

©Kelsea Kosko

Yasmeen Wilkerson @the.neemsay

©Kelsea Kosko

Best Trick: Fakie ollie (flatground); rock & roll (tranny)
Favorite Skate Brand To Represent When Skating: Adidas, Dickies (for the pants)
Woman Who Inspires You: Lacey Baker, Tyra Banks

Victoria Paez @N1n.JA

©Kelsea Kosko

Best Trick: Slasher Grinds
Favorite Skate Brand To Represent When Skating: Rip N Dip
Woman Who Inspires You: Audrey Hepburn

Nesa Rampersad @xchip_off_the_old_block

©Kelsea Kosko

Best Trick: Frontside 180
Favorite Skate Brand To Represent When Skating: Vans
Woman Who Inspires You: Leticia Bufoni, Florence Welsch

Veronique Chalarca @Niquenitro

©Kelsea Kosko

Best Trick: I’ve been skating for six years, and just last year I started learning tricks, so everything is my best trick.
Favorite Skate Brand To Represent When Skating: SHUT Skateboards, Vans, Converse
Woman Who Inspires You: My friend, Jen Charlenne. She is an amazing skater and positive girl.

Lizzi Reid @skate.witch

©Kelsea Kosko

Best Trick: Sweepers or early grabs on ramps
Favorite Brand To Represent When Skating: My own handmade skate witch gear. I draw and silkscreen my own designs.
Woman Who Inspires You: Kathleen Hanna

Jenny Irving @jennysayqua

©Kelsea Kosko

Best Trick: Getting paid to skate.
Favorite Brand To Represent When Skating: Coming soon
Woman Who Inspires You: Michelle Steilen

Zoe Herishen @zoeherishen

©Kelsea Kosko

Best Trick: 50/50
Favorite Brand To Represent When Skating: Vans
Woman Who Inspires You: Alexis Sablone

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