Nap York: NYC's First Snooze-Focused Wellness Club

Nap York: NYC's First Snooze-Focused Wellness Club
© Nap York
New York City has no shortage of yoga and meditation studios dedicated to cultivating an atmosphere of zen, but this February saw the opening of its very first 24-hour nap studio.

The fact that Nap York is situated in one of New York’s busiest neighborhoods, Midtown West, makes its peaceful ambiance even more impactful. On the ground floor is a “quiet café,” where orders are placed via tablets and appear a few moments later on the conveyor belt. No need to wait in line or speak with a server—the system is designed to be as seamless and laid-back as possible.

One flight up is a mirrored yoga and meditation studio encircled by pot plants, where daily classes led by experienced teachers take place—the perfect precursor to a restorative power nap.

Affordable meditation and yoga classes at Nap York © Nap York

On the Recharge Floor, rows of private pods hidden behind heavy curtains call to mind a Japanese capsule hotel. Each pod contains a washable airweave mattress covered in easy-to-clean vegan leather, with freshly laundered bedding. On the wall you’ll find a small shelf with phone chargers and a reading light, and overhead a canopy of teeny LEDs imitates starlight. There’s nothing else quite like this in New York City.

The guests who frequent Nap York are a combination of hardworking Midtown business types and jet-lagged tourists. A Tesla shuttle service goes to and from the airport, making it a really convenient place for visitors to relax before hotel check-in time, and there’s also safe luggage storage and a shirt steaming service for business travelers.

The conveyor belt at Nap York's "quiet cafe" © Nap York

“Providing New Yorkers with a quiet space and healthy environment to unwind is extremely important to our team,” Head of Marketing Stacy Veloric said. “Whether they’re a passenger dealing with a layover or a local employee who is having a stressful day, we hope all our guests can find solitude at Nap York; a place where they can focus deliberately on themselves and give themselves that much.”

While the entire place is beautifully designed and decorated, and feels decidedly high end, the price point is refreshingly accessible. Yoga and meditation classes start at $10 (far lower than the typical $20-30) and a nap will cost you just $10 or $12 in the stacked or stand-alone VIP pods, respectively. If you reserve more than three hours, you’ll get upgraded benefits like fancier bed linen, and a free tooth brush and tooth paste.

Crucially, given this city’s round-the-clock culture, Nap York is open 24 hours a day. So whether you just need a place to quickly, quietly recharge, or a bed for the night, it’s a spot worth saving in your Google Maps.