Home Decor Inspiration to Take from Trump's White House

Courtesy of The White House
Courtesy of The White House

You probably already know that President Trump has a very distinctive style and taste in interior decor. Based on his New York City home and Trump Hotel alone, it’s evident that his style is lavishly ornate but traditional. And that’s exactly the make-up he has brought to the White House. If the opulent style suits your taste too, here are five ways to take inspiration from the current White House decor and replicate it in your own home.

Curtains with rounded drapes

A striking change from President Obama’s Oval Office is the curtains. President Trump has opted for gold tinted yellow with blue, in an old school style with rounded drapes. Trump really loves gold, and this was one of the immediate changes he made upon taking office.

Oval Office with long rounded gold-yellow drapes | Courtesy of The White House

Upholstered chairs

President Trump switched out the leather chairs that Obama had in the sitting area and opted for upholstered chairs instead. In signature Trump style, these are in a yellow fabric that complements the gold frames above the fireplace.

Upholstered chairs -President Donald Trump meets with German Chancellor Angela Merkel | Courtesy of The White House

Fancy patterned couch

Trump added a couch with intricate designs in brocade, a fancy decorative fabric that typically includes gold or silver threads. These add a more formal vibe to the entire room but it is evident that the designer and Trump had this in mind when making all the changes they did.

Patterned brocade couches | Courtesy of The White House

Circular, colorful rug

A colorful sunburst rug that Trump added contributes more color to the Oval Office, whereas Obama had opted for a more neutral rug. In fact, Trump brought back the Laura Bush-designed rug used in the early days of the George W. Bush administration. According to Trump, this rug better reflects his “optimistic” attitude and outlook.

Sunburst Rug | Courtesy of The White House

Classic coffee table

Another furniture choice that President Trump has opted for is a coffee table that is wooden and classic looking. This adds to the traditional but classic look of the entire office, and goes along with the general theme of the entire room.

Classic Coffee Table | Courtesy of The White House/Flickr (Public Domain)


Decor changes to the room include a number of flag stands, fewer pictures on the desk (as of now), a bust of Winston Churchill, and additional portraits. After taking a look at the different artwork options available in the White House collections, Trump picked a portrait of Andrew Jackson to hang in the Oval Office.

Flags and decor | Courtesy of The White House

Some of the key items that remain from the previous administration are “The Resolute” desk, the beautiful phones, a grandfather clock, and additional portraits.

For more ideas, explore the entire office for yourself here and get an up-close look for more design inspiration.

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