HolisticRX Blogger Bianca Klotsman Shares Her Favorite Healthy Haunts in NYC

Courtesy of Bianca Klotsman / HolisticRX
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Wellness Editor27 June 2018

Bianca Klotsman’s wellness business came as a result of her own healing journey. A thriving example of how a holistic lifestyle can aid medical issues naturally (in her case, polycystic ovarian syndrome) she now shares tips, advice, and snapshots via her popular blog and Instagram, HolisticRX.

Despite being raised on green juice years before everybody started drinking it, Bianca Klotsman let her healthy habits slip when she got to college. Like many students, she was relishing her new-found independence, which included the freedom to eat and drink whatever she liked.

“I didn’t realize how crappy I felt—waking up puffy in the morning and permanently bloated—until one day I saw a photo of myself and couldn’t believe how different I looked,” she explains. “I was at least 15 lbs heavier and looked tired all the time.”

Despite making a conscious effort to get back into exercise, it transpired that months of eating processed sugary foods had triggered a hormonal imbalance. Mitigating a diagnosis of polycystic ovarian syndrome through diet became Klotsman’s top priority, and as her body gradually rediscovered equilibrium she noticed increased interest in her regimen.

“When my friends noticed this change in me, they relied on me for healthy tips and tricks,” she says. “I thought, if they’re interested in all of this, then there is an audience for it.” Shortly afterwards she started HolisticRX.

Bianca Klotsman stretching before class | Courtesy of Bianca Klotsman / HolisticRX

Culture Trip (CT): Tell me about your relationship with exercise. Did you ever struggle to get motivated?

Bianca Klotsman (BK): I grew up playing spots including soccer, basketball, gymnastics, dance and tennis, and have always considered myself to be pretty athletic. There was definitely a time during my college days when I got lazy, and getting back into it wasn’t easy, but fitness really does keep me going. It’s just about finding the right kind for you.

CT: Everybody in New York City is perpetually busy. What’s the best way to fit exercise around a packed schedule?

BK: Schedule a class as you would a meeting. Waking up an hour earlier will be so worth it in the long run.

Prior to going out on my own as a blogger I was working a corporate job, running HolisticRX on the side and seeing private nutrition clients. I think that if you’re really serious about getting in shape, you will find time.

CT: What are your favorite studios in NYC?

BK: That’s a hard one! I have favorite classes and instructors at specific studios in the city. The Sculpt Society by Megan Roup at Project by Equinox or Studio B is amazing. Dance Body with Katia is so much fun! The Mat class at Physique 57 is always a good sculpt session, and I also enjoy BK Pilates with Marina. I could go on and on, but these are my current go-tos.

Bianca Klotsman favors low-impact workouts like barre | Courtesy of Bianca Klotsman / HolisticRX

CT: Any other healthy discoveries around town?

BK: Shape House for a good sweat, Aire Ancient Baths for a relaxing pool session, Chillhouse for massages and a midday pick-me-up, sundays for non-toxic manis, and Inscape for meditation.

When it comes to healthy food, I rate Chloe’s Soft Serve, Pressed Juice, Broken Coconut, Westbourne, Citizens of Chelsea, Butchers Daughter, Deza, and Westville.

CT: You seem to be really into pilates and barre at the moment. And advice for New Yorkers trying to find a workout that keeps them coming back for more?

BK: It took me a while to find what was right for me. I used to love high-intensity workouts and thought that if I didn’t almost die in class then I was doing it wrong. My body slowly started to fall apart and that’s when barre came into the picture. I became addicted to Physique 57, which had me working up a sweat every time and waking up sore in all the right places. My advice is to experiment, but stick to something for a few weeks and try a few different studios and instructors to find your favorite.

CT: Fitness classes can be really expensive in this city. Have you found any hacks for working out on a budget?

BK: Apps like ClassPass, FitReserve, Zenrez and Dibs are great platforms for discounted classes. A lot of studios also offer ‘community’ classes where they train new instructors and offer cheaper spots at off-peak times. During certain holidays and the summer months studios discount their packages, and remember to check out your favorite fitness influencers for class hostings, which always cost less.

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