Bridesmaid Dresses You Can Wear Again and Again

Courtesy of Ash + Light
Courtesy of Ash + Light
Photo of Jill Di Donato
Fashion Editor7 July 2017

Up-cycle, repurpose, reinvent — you can do all of the above to this line of bridesmaid dresses designed for you to wear after the wedding. This bridal line supports slow fashion, the anti-fast fashion movement where you buy investment pieces, even when it comes to your best friend’s wedding.

The bridal and bridesmaid company Ash + Light believes bridesmaids are “warrior princesses.” Borne out of sisterhood, Ash + Light was created to give bridesmaids dresses they can reinvent at-will. What does that mean? The label offers styling parties where they will show bridesmaids how to incorporate the dress into their closet, and since each dress is cut-to-order, bridesmaids can send the dress back to Ash + Light where a designer can hem or dye the dress black, because you can never have too many little black dresses.

The Pixie by Ash + Light

“We discourage wastefulness and bridezilla antics – instead, we embrace sisterhood and the notion that a bridal party is a team,” say Ash + Light founders. “And when your team is all together on the dance floor at the end of the night, punch-dancing with one hand and cheers-ing with the other in a pool of glitter, we’ll know our job is done.”

The Pompadour by Ash + Light

The designers continue, “Too many of our lady friends had found themselves marooned on our couch, wine in hand, not knowing what to do with the apple green bobbinet monstrosity they’ve just been asked to wear. We said, ‘no more!’ So we set out armed with our experience and the desire to provide the cool girls of the world with the awesomely wearable (and re-wearable) alternative to traditional bridesmaids’ dresses that they’d been missing.”

The Crew by Ash + Light

Here’s what makes Ash + Light a breakthrough for bridesmaids:

1. Reinvent at will. Post Wedding services will make your dress feel like new. Ash + Light can shorten it, or dye it black (LBD, anyone?), or even do some other special stuff.
2. Receive dresses you love. In 12 short weeks you will have a customized, New York City made garment.
3. Place your order. Using a handy Tool Kit on the Ash + Light website, you can make your custom order online and chat with a designer if you have any questions.
4. Get a styling party. Stylists will bring over Ash + Light dresses and accessories and help you find before-and after-wedding looks that suit you.

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