Art & Design Gifts Only New Yorkers Would Love

Art Oracles | Courtesy of Laurence King Publishing
Art Oracles | Courtesy of Laurence King Publishing

As New Yorkers, we probably need a little more creative distraction from the everyday hustle than most. So with that in mind, we’ve selected a few gifts meant to amuse, provoke, and stimulate your New York sensibilities—just in time for the holidays.

Brighten up your commute with an adult coloring book from Broad City

Humor dispels most sorrows (emphasis on the most here). “New York” humor, like Broad City, reminds us we’re not alone in this rat race and that it’s also okay to be a little odd. Channel your inner Ilana or Abbi with this wild new coloring book for adults. It’s NSFK (not safe for kids, come on) and includes scenes from your favorite episodes, mad libs, and drawing prompts.


Courtesy of Laurence King

To get out of NYC or to renew your lease? Get oracle wisdom from the artists who’ve lived before you.

These won’t help you predict whether your rent is going up next year, but they will offer sage advice from the masters. Similar to the beauty of the Rider-Waite tarot deck, these artist designed artist cards will help you decide your next move in the creative realm. Whether you’re working on a short story, a new painting series, or want to know creative ways to deal with your recent breakup, the Art Oracles deck grants a little touch of artistic wisdom and direction in a city full of options.

Keep in touch with your Westchester friends (and stay creative) with these new architects’ activity postcards.

While you’re submerged in the bustle of the Big Apple, don’t forget to keep in touch with friends and family out there in the “real” world. This pack of 20 postcards features images of futuristic cityscapes that will inspire you to create your own. It’s also a great gift for the little New Yorker in your life—you know, so they can keep in touch with Grandma while showing off their architecture skills.

Do all artists just steal or borrow their “originality” from others? Is there such a thing as an autonomous genius?

They say good artists borrow, but great artist steal. (Honestly though, who really said that? Was it Picasso? Someone with historical authority, please let us know.) Either way, this new book by Robert Shore explores exactly that—creative theft and borrowing in the digital age, including visual appropriation. It even cleverly “steals” its book cover design from Penguin, and comes complete with a little black disclaimer: “This is not a Penguin Book.” Nice.

We’re all a bunch of “know it alls” on this little urban isle, so why not put your art knowledge to the test?

What better way to test your knowledge of the art world than by playing a little game of cards? This colorful, quirky deck called “Guess the Artist” beats Cards Against Humanity any day, and you can actually learn stuff while playing. A perfect gift for that friend who majored in art history (and who happens to know “everything”), children (never too early for them to know Frida or van Gogh through symbols), and pretty much anyone who loves art.

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