A Guide To New York City's Most Interesting Food Finds

Pizza Fast Food | © Pexels
Pizza Fast Food | © Pexels
Photo of Dana deLaski
30 November 2016

It’s no surprise that there’s an endless selection of great food in New York City. There’s food from every corner of the globe, some of best restaurants in the world, and iconic street food like pizza and hot dogs. If you’ve already tried the classics and are looking for something new, consider one of these unique dishes next time you’re in town.

Burrata Soft Serve Ice Cream

Bakery, Dessert, $$$
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Dominique Ansel Kitchen is the new dessert restaurant opened by the man who brought the now-iconic Cronut and Milk & Cookie shot to New York’s food scene, and he’s only doing things bigger and better at this new spot. Among the many desserts you can order here, there’s a window outside where you can order burrata soft serve to go. It’s creamy and delicious – just like you’d expect.


Bar, Cafe, Pub Grub
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You probably never thought cereal was that fascinating, but have you ever ordered it at a cereal bar? Probably not. But now, at Kith Treats, you can make your childhood dreams come true by picking from their 23 cereals, 22 toppings, and four milk choices to create the perfect custom cereal meal. Alternatively, opt for their cereal milkshakes or soft serve options – you can’t go wrong.

Ramen Burger

The ramen burger has become an iconic New York dish. It’s available at all Smorgasburg locations, so if you’re worried about waiting in line, consider checking out Smorgasburg at the South Street Seaport or Prospect Park for fewer crowds.

Address: 90 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA

Pastrami Pizza

Pizzeria, Deli, Italian, $$$
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It’s always great when two of New York’s best and most classic food joints join forces, and that’s what happened at the new Lower East Side location of Speedy Romeo – a favorite neighborhood pizza spot from Brooklyn. Thanks to their ‘Paul’s Boutique’ pizza pie, you can now get pizza topped with pastrami from Katz Deli (the beloved and iconic deli also in the Lower East Side), and it’s truly a decadent match made in heaven.

Impossible Burger

Restaurant, Italian, $$$
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It seems that both meat-heavy restaurants and vegan or vegetarian spots are equally popular and trendy these days, and the brand new Impossible Burger at Momofuku Nishi – the newest addition to the Momofuku empire – bridges the gap between the two. It’s a vegetarian burger that looks, tastes, and sizzles like meat. It took five years to engineer, it’s one of a kind, and people are saying it’s truly delicious.

Hands-On Filipino Feast

Restaurant, Gastropub, Asian, Filipino, $$$
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Speaking of meat-centric restaurants, Jeepney – a Filipino gastropub in the East Village – is about as meaty as it gets. Many of their dishes may seem strange if you’re not accustomed to Filipino cuisine, but their wildest event comes twice a week when they host ‘Kamayan Night,’ a no-utensils, hands-only, family-style feast laid out on a long communal table. It’s a messy and meaty experience but also a delicious and memorable one.

Broccoli Hot Dog

Restaurant, Candy Store, Vegetarian, $$$
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Brussel Sprout Tacos from menu of Dirt Candy.
Construct your own brussels sprouts tacos at Dirt Candy | © Evan Sung / Courtesy of Dirt Candy
On the other, more vegetable-friendly end of the spectrum, it’s now possible to eat a ‘broccoli hot dog’ from the new, upscale vegetarian restaurant Dirt Candy. This unique vegetarian dish is not meant to taste like meat; it’s meant to celebrate the vegetable as it is.

Raindrop Cake

Another dish from Smorgasburg that’s taken over Instagram – this otherworldly looking Raindrop Cake dessert was inspired by Japanese mochi and is described as a ‘refreshing and delicate raindrop made for your mouth.’ It’s impossible to know what this means until you try one, so get one for yourself and see what all the fuss is about.

Address: 90 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA

The Cow Experience

Restaurant, Japanese, $$$
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The Japanese restaurant Takashi has always been known as a unique dining experience in New York City. You cook many of the dishes yourself; there are uniand offal on the menu, and though it’s easy to eat something fascinating here, their most intriguing option is ‘the cow experience.’ It’s a dish in which you’re brought all the parts of the cow, and you cook them yourself at your table. Just remember you need to book and order 24 hours in advance if you’re intending to try this dish.