12 Sacred Tips From NYC’s Psychic Designer

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© Jordan Sanchez/Unsplash
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Home & Design Editor23 February 2018

Intuitive counselor and sacred space designer, Elana Kilkenny, offers her best tips for how to holistically transform your home.

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Through empowerment-centric, psychic design work, Elana Kilkenny helps New Yorkers transform their homes into sacred spaces, places that nurture the human spirit and body. Here, she shares 12 ways to manifest positive energy with conscious design.

Clear out the clutter

Elana says, “Clearing out the clutter in home (if you have it) is very impactful,” and perhaps one of the biggest changes you can make in the home.

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Reconsider the art around you and your relationship to it. If it doesn’t serve your story and your soul—get rid of it

Elana says, “What is less obvious and very impactful is rethinking the art in your home. Ask yourself: Is your art reflecting back to you stories that nourish and inspire you? Or are they reflecting back stories that are keeping you stuck or that no longer serve you?”

Just because a painting moves you or has emotional value (like a heritage piece from your family), doesn’t mean it necessarily works within the narrative you’re trying to create around you.

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Add a sacred space

Elana says, “If your main focus is to deepen the spiritual and energetic resonance of your home, perhaps your best revamping strategy is to create an area where you make a ‘home altar’ and fill it with objects that symbolize both what you want to let go of and what you would like to receive.”

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Get connected—even if you’re moving in a year or two

Elana says, “You should deeply connect to your space on a psychological, energetic, and (unexpectedly) practical level, even if you know you will be moving in the near future.” But you may be thinking: Why invest energy and time in a space when you’re just going to pack it all up and start again soon? Well, there’s a reason for that…

Your current home could actually help you find your next space

Elana says, “I often work with clients who know they will be moving within a year or two and they find that going deeper with their connection to their current home and judiciously investing in that home not only deepens their joy, nourishment, and inspiration within the walls of their home, but also their lives outside of their home. Connecting to their current home can also often help them manifest and/or find their next home in a more easeful and often magical/synchronistic way.”

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Focus on the present

Elana says, “If we are waiting until we have another home in the future to connect, our home is not only ‘on hold,’ our life can also feel the powerful ripples of this holding pattern and it can result in aspects of our life being stuck or stymied. One of the main reasons for this is that the only moment we are ever currently living in is the current one.”

The position of your bed matters

Elana says, “According to classical feng shui, try to have your bed positioned so that it is not directly facing the door to your bedroom and/or on the same wall of the door. This is because in those positions there is often too much energy ‘coming your way’ and it promotes you being in a vigilant position.”

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Feng shui helps promote different activities in different rooms

Elana says, “Try to balance the yin/yang feeling in the design of the bedroom so that it helps promote sleep and also stirs your passion for sex (if that is desired) and/or for waking up in the morning with more vitality.”

Balance those nightstands

Elana says, “When spatially possible (even if it’s in the form of bedside shelves), it’s best to have some space on either side of your bed and two nightstands. They don’t have to match but should feel balanced in scale. Whether you are in a relationship or not, this creates literal and energetic space for your beloved.”

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Rethink the position of your couch

Elana says, “If it works with the architecture of your living room, it is good feng shui to have your main seating (i.e. couch) face the largest view of the room, so that you are in a command position. Having said that, if you want to create a cozy spot to sit and read or meditate, you might pick a spot that is away from the main flow of the room.”

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Create room to breathe

Elana says, “In feng shui, as in any good design, make sure you have good flow between your seating. Have seating configurations that promote easeful and connected conversation. Also leave enough space between your furniture to be able to move easily and unencumbered throughout the room (this often means paying attention to the scale of your furniture and measuring well).”

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Close the curtains

“[Because the living room] is a more public space in your home, consider the private to public balance of what you display in that room and what type of energy you want to evoke in the room.”

For in-person intuitive design consultations in the NYC area (and beyond) and via Skype (worldwide), visit Elana’s website here. To read our full feature on Elana’s practical magic and interior design work, check out this article.

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