10 Sustainable NYC Fashion Labels

Image Courtesy of Coclico
Image Courtesy of Coclico
Photo of Stephanie Shoemaker
18 December 2016

Fashion is beginning to turn a new leaf. H&M offers H&M Conscience, their line of clothing made from eco-friendly materials, and it seems this trend of ‘slow’ fashion is on the rise. Check out these labels available in New York, whether through online shops or small boutiques, with amazing new styles you don’t have to feel guilty about.


Kaight, New York
Kaight, New York | Image Courtesy of Coclico
While not a label, sustainable fashion can’t be talked about without including Kaight. Kaight is a small boutique located in Brooklyn that works with independent designers with a focus on sustainability. They look for designers and pieces that follow their mission, which is to offer fashion-forward looks that are locally produced, have zero waste, have organic textiles or reclaimed materials, and are fair trade certified. Their store may feel small, but they continue to be a leader in the slow fashion movement. With pieces in outerwear, sweaters, accessories, and more, Kaight can help fill your closet with the best of sustainable clothing.


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Coclico, New York
Coclico, New York | Image Courtesy of Coclico
Based out of New York City, Coclico is the brand to go to for a sustainable shoe. With all different styles, ranging from heels to flats to boots, you can be sure you will find something great. The brand says ‘a shoe is a story designed as an object’ and this truly carries into each piece. Beautifully designed and made, you can see the craftsmanship in each pair. They pride themselves in modern minimalism and traditional quality, coming to you through the highest standards of ethical responsibility.


Sex trafficking is something that many Nepalese women fall victim to, so Elegantees has made it their mission to give women in Nepal who are survivors of this atrocity a source of positive income and empowerment. The best way to fight sex trafficking is by decreasing poverty, and that is what Elegantees is aiming to do. One way Elegantees is setting themselves apart from competitors is through offering the opportunity to host a Trunk Show; much like a jewelry party, you can have a trunk show set up of Elegantees. Through your sales, you can receive shopping credit or the option to turn sales into a donation. The best part is that it’s free to host, and you get to help spread a great message.

Elegantees Arielle top | Image Courtesy of Elegantees

Study NY

What could be better than fashion that works all year-round? Study NY, based out of Brooklyn, aims to provide ‘seasonless’ womenswear that doesn’t prescribe to the typical fashion calendar. Their pieces are modern, yet timeless, and created using only ethical materials and practices. Designer Tara St James wants her pieces to be sustainable but judged purely for their design. The design of each piece will give your wardrobe the designer edge it has been needing but without the guilt.

Study NY, 630 Flushing Avenue #704, Brooklyn, NY, USA +1 347 414 1744

Image Courtesy of Study NY


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'Nikki' Bucket Bag
'Nikki' Bucket Bag | Image Courtesy of Freedom of Animals
Luxury pieces made ethically is exactly what you will get from VOZ. This brand features pieces made from artisans in Peru and Southern Chile. Design inspiration comes from ancient cultures and ceremonial crafts, but the pieces in each collection will appeal to the modern woman. Artisans receive authorship credit and royalties on their design work, and the company also seeks to educate their artisans further, all while giving a platform for them to preserve traditional art forms.

Freedom of Animals

Made in the USA and based in New York, Freedom of Animals is the place to go for a cruelty-free and sustainable line of bags. They use high quality and luxurious materials that give you the look and feel of leather, but using a more sustainable material. Everything about their bags is sustainable, all the way down to the zipper that is made from recycled metals. They partner with Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya, an organization that helps rehabilitate orphaned elephants and rhinoceroses. All of their bags are even named after an elephant brought to the foundation or in tribute of a mother that passed away.

‘Nikki’ Bucket Bag | Image Courtesy of Freedom of Animals

Studio 189

Studio 189 is fashion with a mission. They want to bring their consumer African fashion from African artisans. The brand is creating jobs and bringing light to an area where fashion is not always recognized. All of their pieces are made by hand by local artisans. Currently, they are releasing a line with pieces dyed using indigo — real indigo, not the kind used to dye your fast fashion jeans. This brand aims to empower the women in Africa, increase employment opportunities, and educate. Giving their artisans more opportunities for education is something this company is truly proud of doing. While they do have headquarters in New York City, their pieces can only be purchased through their online store.

Studio 189, +1 917 688 4253


Back in the spring of April 2013, a garment factory in Bangladesh collapsed killing 1100 workers, which made everybody stop to think about from where their clothing came. This tragedy really impacted Shivam Punjya — so much so that he founded behno. After starting a new factory in India, with the help of a nonprofit, he has sought to spread the ‘made in India’ mindset, to help others recognize the art and work that goes into the pieces coming out of this region.

Image Courtesy of Behno

Suzanne Rae

With one-of-a-kind yet versatile pieces, Suzanne Rae is a brand that encourages women to invest in fewer items that can go far. They manufacture nearly all of their products right in the Garment District, cutting down on transportation of materials and ensuring fair working conditions for employees. Suzanne Rae is a brand that keeps functionality for the everyday woman in mind. They want their woman to feel edgy and sophisticated, giving her an air of confidence in today’s society.

Amour Vert

Did you know that fashion is the second most polluting industry next to big oil? The founders of Amour Vert found this to be astonishing, and so the brand was born. They wanted to offer a fashion-forward solution to this problem by taking a no-waste, non-toxic approach. Each piece is made in America creating more jobs, using innovative techniques and sensuous fabrics, all at an affordable price. With a wide range of tops, dresses, pants, and sweaters, there is no way you won’t find something to add to your wardrobe. Use coupon ‘firstlove’ on your first order and receive 25 percent off.

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