10 NYC Fashion Bloggers You Need to Know

© Haley Tippmann / Culture Trip
© Haley Tippmann / Culture Trip
New York City is known for its fabulous restaurants, museums, food and more, but what it is undeniably famous for is its fashion scene and the people donning those designer duds. With fashion blogging becoming wildly popular and a legitimate way to influence consumers’ styles, it’s no surprise that the city is home to many of those influencers. From the best beauty buys to styling the latest trend to chatting about their favorite New York City hot spot, fashion blogging has evolved far beyond style – it’s now a lifestyle. It’s time to refresh your Instagram feed with these 10 fashion bloggers, who are all based in New York City.

Courtney and Kelly – Mimosas & Manhattan

Mimosas & Manhattan is a fashion and style blog run by two fashionable cousins who have taken Brooklyn and all of NYC by storm. They have a spunky and cool attitude along with a killer style to match. They often post style shots of the two of them together, but it is clear that each has their own very distinctive style. Their photos are crisp and colorful and are sure to provide you with some excellent style inspiration.

Mustafa Kacar – Astute Attire

Here is a male blogger for any men looking for style inspiration! Mustafa is just as comfortable walking the streets in a suit and tie as he is in a turtleneck with a flannel coat and classic moc boots. He is all about NYC when it comes to eating, shopping, and finding the best espresso in town. You’ll find him supporting and sporting some of the most dapper menswear brands.

Lauren Mazzei – Lauren Mazzei

This cool lady resides in NYC’s friendly neighboring town: Hoboken. So, technically she lives in New Jersey, but since Lauren is always in the city for work and play, there is no doubt that she belongs on this list. When she’s not strutting her style with other bloggers between NYFW shows, she’s working her 9–5 job in the beauty industry.

Courtney Quinn – Color Me Courtney

Courtney is a bubbly fashion blogger that lives in the West Village with her boyfriend and her dog, “Waffles.” Does it get much cuter than that? No! If you follow Courtney’s style journey, you’re sure to never miss a bold color or beat, and you’ll almost certainly get to know all about her favorite TV show, Gossip Girl. XOXO.

Justin Livingston – Scout Sixteen

Justin lives in the East Village, and you’ll most likely find him eating or grabbing coffee in a local spot. He’s got a boyish yet urban style that works perfectly for his gadabout lifestyle in New York City.

Olivia Trewatha – Corporate Catwalk

Olivia’s style aesthetic comes from her start in the business world and wanting to bring together corporate fashion with trendy street style. As many working girls know, it can often be hard to fuse the two styles, but Olivia’s style is just the right mix of both. Her latest role is that of mom, so her most recent posts show off her adorable newborn Sebastian.

Andrea Pion – A Slice of Pi

With the girl-next-door attitude and look, Andrea always looks lovely, whether she’s posing with balloons in front of the Flatiron Building or strolling across the street. Her blog is bound to put a smile on your face.

Alexandra Dieck – Lexicon of Style

Alexandra has a fun and spunky style that’s perfect for the streets of NYC. She not only blogs about style and fashion, but she also started designing and selling a scarf collection, which perfectly emulates her colorful and bold style.

Brian Sacawa – He Spoke Style

Brian Sacawa’s career in fashion blogging started somewhat unconventionally as he was a musician and bicycle racer, but when he noticed a void in menswear style inspiration, he decided to start blogging about his own dapper style. His blog features rich content, from giving men tips on how to dress for a black tie event to accessorizing with the perfect watch.

Tillie Adelson – My Stiletto Life

(Warning: shameless plug ahead!) Tillie started out blogging about fashion in her hometown of San Francisco, but inevitably, the Big Apple called her and her stilettos. What started as a proclivity for documenting personal style through writing and imagery has evolved into a full lifestyle blog centered around not only style but New York City, travel, and food. You will most likely find her snapping pictures of her favorite New York City eatery or coffee shop while dressed in classic but on-trend pieces and stilettos, of course.