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Why are Rich, Single New York Men Getting Vasectomies?

Picture of Nadia Elysse
US Editorial Team Lead
Updated: 30 May 2017
Before traipsing off to the Hamptons for the summer, some wealthy New York men are reportedly making a quick stop at the urologist—because women want so badly to get pregnant by these millionaires that they’re trying everything from stealthing to pouring the contents of discarded condoms into their vaginas.

At least that’s what these men allege in a recent New York Post feature.

In an attempt to remain single and carefree, elite New York men are reportedly opting for vasectomies before they spend their luxurious summers in the Long Island sun. These men say they hope the minimally-invasive procedures will prevent them from getting “trapped” by women who only want them for their money. And New York City-based urologist Dr. David Shusterman seems to agree.

“This extortion happens all the time. Women come after them. [They] want a ransom payment,” Dr. Shusterman told the Post. “Some guys do an analysis of the cost — for three days of discomfort, it’s worth millions of dollars to them. I never see a poor guy for a vasectomy. Rich guys are a population that’s abused a lot.”

Are vasectomies reversible?

Though low-cost, minimally-invasive, and sometimes reversible, vasectomies shouldn’t be taken lightly. Vasectomies are actually considered a permanent form of birth control. While many men said they got the procedure with hopes of having children later, it’s a risky decision in that way. Reversals are possible, but over time the possibility of reversal becomes lower and lower. The procedure is considered almost 100 percent effective in preventing pregnancy, so if remaining baby-less is the goal, vasectomies are certainly the best way to do that.

Laws governing vasectomies are generally loose. In many states, any man age 18 or older can elect to have a vasectomy. Of course, doctors have the right to refuse the procedure if they feel a patient isn’t mature enough to make the decision. But even with full knowledge of the possibly irreversible nature of the procedure, many young men still opt for the possibility of sterilization over unwanted pregnancy.

Do these women really want wealthy men’s babies enough to risk an STD?

The short answer is probably no.

“It’s a foolproof way to fool around and not get in trouble,” attorney Ira Garr told the Post. It’s a good thing Garr isn’t a doctor. Note that unwanted pregnancies are not the only things wealthy bachelors should be worried about when engaging in promiscuous sexual behavior. Vasectomies don’t protect against sexually transmitted diseases or other conditions. So sterilization may seem like the move, but only condoms can save you from the clap.

Also, because it needs to be said, the idea that these wealthy men are such a hot commodity is quite presumptuous—especially if they’re so willing to have unprotected sex with random women. The Post article most notably left out the female perspective. But hey, if you’re visiting the Hamptons and you meet a wealthy man, be careful out there, ladies. Unprotected sex isn’t worth the STD.