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New York Style Pizza © Hungry Dudes/Wikipedia
New York Style Pizza © Hungry Dudes/Wikipedia
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Where’s The Nearest Dollar Slice? In NYC, There’s An App For That

Picture of Kathryn Maier
NYC Food & Drink Editor
Updated: 27 February 2017
The dollar pizza slice surely must be the quintessential New York City food item. It’s the official go-to snack for hungry drunk people. It’s the thing that keeps broke students—and entry-level media employees—from starving to death. Even our subway rats recognize its greatness.

If you live in New York, you probably have a mental map of the dollar-slice places around your home, your office, and your favorite drinking spots. But what happens when you find yourself in an unfamiliar part of town? What if you’re new to NYC and just want a cheap snack? I’ll confess, I’ve typed “2 bros” into the google maps searchbar on my iPhone more often than I’d really like to recall. Beyond that, it gets much tougher: the smaller, non-chain places are virtually un-google-able; they don’t have websites, and often don’t even have names visibly posted on their storefronts. If you don’t already know where they are, they can be near-impossible to find via the usual means.

So I was psyched to learn there’s now an app for that: Dollar Slice NYC (for iPhone only; Android version coming soon). Allow it to access your location and it shows nearby dollar-slice pizzerias on a map. Tap on a slice icon and it gives the name and address of the slice joint; you can even invite friends also using the app to join you there. I’ve been trying it out for the past few days, and it’s pointed me toward many dollar-slice joints I’d never have found on my own.

Matthew Wolff, a former NYC resident who’s now a designer for Nike, launched the app last August. “I decided to make the app,” he says, “because I could never find the dollar slice spots in Manhattan. They usually don’t have any online presence or anything, and there really isn’t any comprehensive database of them.” The app’s info is crowdsourced—users can submit new spots or update those already listed (say, if they’ve closed or raised their prices). At this point, Midtown and lower Manhattan are well-covered, but more info is still needed uptown and in the outer boroughs. There are plans for it to give the opening hours for each place soon, so you don’t walk several blocks only to find the pizzeria you were heading to closed an hour before. (Because, as we all know, dollar slices are never so appealing as they are in the wee morning hours, after you’ve spent nearly all your cash on drinks and are now tipsy and starving and broke.) At some point it will also include a rating system, since dollar slices can vary widely in quality. These changes will make the app even more useful. And in the meantime, it’s still worth downloading for your next pizza craving.