The 10 Best Food Trucks In Manhattan, New York

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30 November 2016

Are you craving something delicious that won’t break the bank? We have a solution. From seafood to Mediterranean cuisine, we’ve listed the top 10 food trucks in Manhattan, New York. We guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Luke’s Lobster | © Lucius Kwok/Flickr

Luke's Lobster

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Halal Guys
Halal Guys | © m01229/Flickr
Luke’s Lobster was created by a young man named Luke Holden. Luke was a young boy with a dream – to serve the masses fresh lobster, crab, and shrimp. Disillusioned with the cost-cutting maneuvers of so-called gourmet restaurants, Luke made it his goal to cut out the middle man and sell freshly caught lobster straight to the consumer. Today you find Luke’s Lobster locations all over the city, where you can order his signature open bun special with either lobster, crab, or shrimp seasoned generously with Luke’s signature spices.

Halal Guys

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One of the most popular food trucks in all of New York has to be the Halal Guys. Reviewers rave about their culinary delicacies as if they was a gift to humankind. Their signature chicken over rice is one of the greatest food feats they have to offer. With their yellow shirts proudly proclaiming, “We Are Different,” you’ll come to find out it’s true. While the lines stretch all the way down the block at times, you will soon see that it is well worth the wait.

Eddie’s Pizza Truck

Everyone loves pizza, but how would you like to take a break from the dollar slices and have a pie cooked right in front of you? Eddie’s Pizza Truck is the real deal. With their signature personal pies ranging from margarita to other traditional options, Eddie’s Pizza Truck deals a massive hit to your taste buds. Their 11 am to 3 pm lunch special is a great option for any professional looking for a tasty lunch snack. The special includes a single topping pie with a side and a soda. With sides ranging from cheesy garlic bread to a creamy tomato soup, you will find all that you wish for in this food truck.

The Eddie’s Pizza Truck, Various Locations, New York, NY, USA, +1 917 439 7522

Korilla BBQ | © dennis crowley/Flickr

Korilla BBQ

Korilla BBQ is a unique blend of Korean barbecue and New York attitude. Their food truck features a unique paint-job reminiscent of a tiger on the prowl. Their food hunts after your taste buds in a similar way. You first start off with your base, either a burrito or a rice bowl. Then you add your protein, of which you have four options to choose from; bulgogi, chicken, pork or tofu. Top it off with pico or cheese and finally add one of their 4 sauces ranging from Korilla to k’lla. After you have your fill, you’ll be back asking for seconds.

Wafels & Dinges | © Eden, Janine and Jim/Flickr

Wafels & Dinges

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Chocolate isn’t the only sweet treat to come out of Belgium. Wafels & Dinges bring a unique and quirky style to the streets of New York. With a choice of Wafels (waffles) and Dinges (toppings) you are really in for a treat. Choosing between the sweet or savory waffles may be your hardest choice all week. With items ranging from the de Verdekke Sandwich, a unique take on the classic ice cream sandwich, or the barbecue pulled pork Wafel, there are enough options to have you coming back to Wafels & Dinges every day.

Uncle Gussy's

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Move over Hercules, we have another Greek legend coming through. Uncle Gussy’s is a Greek and modern European food truck that is legendary in its own way. With options from traditional greek yogurt to sandwiches and platters, there’s something to satisfy even the pickiest eater. Just remember to order some tzatziki sauce on the side for your souvlaki and fries.

The Treats Truck

Everyone has a sweet craving every once in a while and when that time comes, The Treats Truck is the place to go. The business started when owner, baker, and driver Kim Ima made it his goal to provide the city with tasty mid-day treats. From breakfast goods to baked treats, they are stocked with everything you could possibly imagine. If you feel like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, you have the choice of raspberry, apricot, or strawberry jam, which also includes a side of fruit. This little stop is a genuinely sweet experience.

The Treats Truck, Various Locations, New York, NY, USA, +1 212 691 5226

Mud Truck | © Peter Zoon/Flickr

Mud Truck

The Mud Truck is a unique truck that brings a different type of food onto the streets of Manhattan. The Mud Truck is a coffee truck that serves fresh brewed, home ground coffee straight to its loyal consumers. One of their most popular options is The Hippie Mud blend, which has an earthly, sunny, and wild taste.

The Mud Truck, Various Locations, New York, NY, USA, +1 212 529 8766

Gorilla Cheese

Gorilla Cheese NYC is not your average grilled cheese food truck. Gorilla Cheese serves up a grilled cheese special of the day that comes with a side of tots and a soda. With a multitude of cheeses to choose from, everyone’s inner cheese lover will be satisfied. From classic American to the imported Gruyere, Gorilla Cheese serves you up quite the meal. Just don’t forget the creamy tomato soup; it’s the best way to complement their scrumptious sandwiches.

Gorilla Cheese NYC, Various Locations, New York, NY, USA, +1 646 538 1838

The Taco Truck

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Don’t be fooled by the name, The Taco Truck is not your average food truck. Located in Upper Chelsea Market, The Taco Truck serves you tacos or burritos filled to the brim with your choice of chicken, beef, veggies, or pork. They do not stop there, though. Nachos and salsa are also available for those who are not willing to get a little messy. From salsa that will give your dish a small kick to a sauce that will set your mouth on fire, the dressing selection is plentiful. With one dish consisting of two tacos, your appetite is sure to be satiated.