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Top 10 Restaurants In Dumbo, New York
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Top 10 Restaurants In Dumbo, New York

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Updated: 9 February 2017
The vibrant, young community of DUMBO is developing quickly. In the past twenty years, this Brooklyn neighborhood has shed its industrial roots and become a hub for tech companies and families. The recent development of the neighborhood has brought on a rebirth of restaurants, local art galleries, and tech culture.
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Bread and Spread

Bread and Spread is the epitome of a ‘less-is-more’ menu and shop. Its slim but all-encompassing menu offers everything from (turkey) bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich to a pork and chutney sandwich called The Sandwich. Stay tuned: the famous kimchi sandwich should be back on the menu soon.

Bread and Spread, 147 Front Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA +1 718 625 2220

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While walking toward Brooklyn Bridge Park, a pit stop at Atrium is a must. Everything from the sea-friendly menu to the diverse, delicious drinks to the atmosphere makes Atrium a pleasant experience. Be sure to peek at the cocktail menu; the Ginger Hibiscus is the perfect summer drink. Try the oyster appetizer for a quick and fresh bite to share with a friend. The iconic wall of greenery brings the main dining room to life.

Atrium, 15 Main Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA +1 718 858 1095

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To a pedestrian, Foragers may appear to be a typical supermarket, but to DUMBO locals it’s the home of the freshest foods. The smell of fresh ginger from the juice bar greets shoppers entering the market. Foragers offers wide varieties of fresh and local produce, vegan and gluten-free homemade cookies, and a salad bar with so many varieties of greens and grains, it will keep you coming back. Prices tend to be on the higher side, but one bite into the fresh and juicy fruit is worth every penny.

Foragers, 56 Adams Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA +1 718 801 8400

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Dumbo Food Truck Lot

If you are looking for something quick and easy (and have cash on you), The Dumbo Food Truck Lot is a great decision. A variety of New York’s finest food trucks can be found between Jay Street and Water Street daily. From the simplest cheese pizza to tofu and edamame tacos, you’re sure to find something delicious here. The twitter handle announces which food trucks will make an appearance each day to keep you in the know for your on-the-go needs.

Dumbo Food Trucks, 56 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA

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Fornino has it all: pitchers of beer, wood oven–baked pizza and a magnificent view of Manhattan and the union of the East and Broad Rivers. Fornino is the perfect place to watch the sunset with friends, enjoy a fun and casual date, or to celebrate with coworkers. The menu is pizza-heavy, with a variety of toppings. Whether you choose meat or veggies, the crust comes out just right: crispy and doughy at the same time. If pizza isn’t your choice, be sure to try one of the many delicious sandwiches Fornino offers.

Fornino, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier 6 – Governors Island, Brooklyn, NY USA +1 718 422 1107

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Shake Shack

A New York classic—who knew a simple burger with crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes and a fresh piece of meat could be so addictive? What began as a small burger joint in Madison Square Park has become a New York staple and continues to spread its sauce throughout the nation. Shake Shack’s special Shack Sauce gives the burger an unparalleled flavor. If you are craving sweets, be sure to snack on their custard concoctions as you await your juicy burger.

Shake Shack, 409 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA +1 347 435 2676

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Juliana’s has a line out the door at all hours of the day for good reason: Italians say that Juliana’s ‘tastes like home.’ The quaint neighborhood feel is the perfect atmosphere in which to enjoy a slice of heaven.

Juliana’s, 19 Old Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA +1 718 596 6700

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Archway Cafe

At Archway Cafe, the menu boasts a wide selection that will satisfy your need for a tasty yet nourishing meal. The salmon lunch plate combines delicious capers with a touch of basil to create an explosive flavor. The entree includes a side of wild rice and fresh steamed vegetables, a nice added touch, all at a reasonable price. For breakfast, the Mediterranean platter will satiate that ethnic craving with fresh feta cheese, market greens and fried eggs at the heart of the meal.

Archway Cafe, 57 Pearl Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA +1 718 522 3455

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The homey, rustic atmosphere at AlMar is great for families and couples, and offers an authentic taste of Italy. In addition to its menu of home-cooked meals, AlMar’s staff is friendly and welcoming. The seasonal menu is always changing, but the food is delicious. The meatballs are hearty and full of flavor, and the string bean salad is a must.

AlMar, 111 Front Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA +1 718 855 5288

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Superfine is one of Dumbo’s few bars that offers a killer meal as well as a fun place to hang out after a long (or short) day at work. If it’s lunch you need, the chicken sandwich is the way to go. Topped with arugula and accompanied by Superfine fries, you’ll get the most for your money. When it comes to dinner, the pork chop is a favorite of DUMBO locals. Superfine is great for Happy Hour and fully equipped for fun; its pool table is open for all.

Superfine, 126 Front Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA +1 718 243 9005