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Top 10 Bars And Restaurants For Autumn Treats In New York City
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Top 10 Bars And Restaurants For Autumn Treats In New York City

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Though September engulfs New England in a thick swan song for summer, the beginning of October brings a slight chill in the air and the lovely precursor to winter sets in. Autumn is a time to feel refreshed, to go apple picking, watch the flood of color on the trees in Central Park, or try some new foods saturated with ingredients unique to the season. In New York City, many restaurants leap at the chance to present their customers with new food, drinks, and treats to make autumn an even more enjoyable season for everyone.
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The Regency Bar and Grill

In the Lowes Regency Hotel’s famed restaurant, patrons can enjoy gourmet food year-round. The Regency Bar and Grill’s meals, be it dinner or high tea, provide guests with a total New York City experience, and those just stopping in are treated to an unexpectedly glamorous evening. This hot spot’s autumn special is the spiced duck breast, which is topped with black barley, pistachios, and dried cherries. All these flavors combined truly embody autumn’s crispness and warmth.

Loews Regency Hotel, 540 Park Avenue, New York, NY, USA, +1 212 339 4050

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Il Buco

Healthy, inviting, and serving locally grown food, Il Buco is a smash hit for those wanting an authentic Italian meal. For autumn, try the gnocchi with Marina di Chioggia pumpkin and sage brown butter. Marina di Chioggia pumpkins are Italian, and their particular flavor pairs well with the russet potato dumplings. This is a delicious break from the typical pumpkin flavor everyone craves in autumn and a very memorable dish.

Il Buco, 47 Bond Street, New York, NY, USA, +1 212 533 1932

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Italian restaurants are a perfect place to visit for autumn specials; they are warm, convivial, and the autumn crops are utilized to create dishes you’ll wish were served year-round. Motorino, an New York City favorite, is no exception to this trend. Their Brussel sprouts pizza is gushing with flavor from the garlic and smoked pancetta to the pecorino cheese and extra virgin olive oil. All the pizzas are made fresh, with plush crusts and a memorable taste, but this pizza is a classic autumn treat for those just craving a good pizza.

Montorino, 139 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY, USA, +1 718 599 8899

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For the freshest-tasting meal at a decent price, stop by GG’s. This bustling East Village spot owns its own gorgeous garden, where all vegetables, greens, and seasonings are grown and harvested with the utmost care. Here, the supplier meets the producer, and the product meets eager palates. A notable dish for autumn is the cast-iron chicken, which is decked with salt-baked fall vegetables. Light, healthy, and filling, this is a perfect meal.

GG’s, 511 East 5th Street, New York, NY, USA, +1 212 687 3641

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Zum Schneider

One of the highlights of fall is Oktoberfest, and New York City is the perfect place for such a cultural celebration. With collective love of German culture comes authentic food, music, art, and —a crowd favorite — beer. With all the German-themed restaurants holding their own celebrations, it can be difficult to decide where to go. Zum Schneider is a great starting point. Its Munich on the East River tent specifically sports a number of attractions, while the bar itself serves classic German dishes, snacks, and drinks. Definitely try a beer or special sparkling wine to kick off the festivities.

Zum Scheider, 107 Avenue C, New York, NY, USA, +1 212 598 1098

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Park Avenue Autumn

Not the street, but the reopened smash hit that changes with the seasons. Park Avenue alters not only its menu, but its entire décor in a tasteful, aesthetically pleasing manner. This fall, be sure to try any number of seasonal options, from the roasted butternut soup to the autumn sundae. While the former is a hearty, savory soup to warm you up, the latter consists of pumpkin spice ice cream drowned in caramel and candied pumpkin seeds. Wash this down with some cocktails such as the Transfusion — vodka, concord grape cubes, and house-made ginger ale — or the daiquiri with rum, cinnamon, lime, candy corn ice, and served in a pumpkin.

Park Avenue, 360 Park Avenue South, New York, NY, USA, +1 212 951 7111

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If traveling through Williamsburg, visit Miranda for a classical vibe, scrumptious meal, and relaxing break in the day. Year-round, this restaurant serves its patrons a mix of Latin American and Italian cuisine, but in the fall, Chef Sasha Miranda experiments with Arborio rice, creating apple risotto. The fresh apples are mixed with Gorgonzola cheese and poblano chilies. If looking for a rather sweet but satisfying plate, stop by Miranda’s this autumn.

Miranda’s, 80 Berrry Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA, +1 718 387 0711

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Momofuku Milk Bar

If you have not yet visited Momofuku Milk Bar, autumn is a great time to stop by for warm cookies, pies, and other specialty creations to keep you going as the chill sets in. This famous café’s pumpkin pie layer cake is a scrumptious autumn dessert. Candied pumpkin seeds encircle the top while below sit layers of rich graham cracker cheesecake, pumpkin ganache, and a clever blend of spices.

Momofuku Milk Bar, 561 Colombus Avenue, New York, NY, USA, +1 347 577 9504

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Sundaes and Cones

An East Village favorite, Sundaes and Cones never ceases to experiment with unconventional flavors, giving New Yorkers a unique treat with every visit. Open year round, it is only fitting that this ice cream parlor would unveil something special for autumn. Its pumpkin ice cream is a neighborhood favorite, thick and flavorful, and said to taste best in a sugar cone. Though pumpkin-flavored ice creams will be popular in many restaurants and parlors, Sundaes and Cones serves one of the best.

Sundaes and Cones, 95 East 10th Street, New York, NY, USA, +1 212 979 9398

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One of New York’s favorite bakeries, Sarabeth’s, has locations all over, which means more people will be able to sample the ginger pecan tart this autumn. With a gingerbread crust, this little treat is also a harbinger for December’s holiday season. The ginger acts as a palate cleanser, while the nuts provide a solid flavor, leaving patrons feeling both full and refreshed. Multiple tarts can also be ordered online.

Multiple Locations in New York, NY, USA