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The 10 Best Restaurants In Park Slope, New York

The 10 Best Restaurants In Park Slope, New York

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Updated: 9 February 2017
New York‘s Park Slope has quickly become known for its comfortable, family friendly, bohemian vibe. This feel has been imbued into its treasure trove of restaurants. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite to make the workday a little more bearable, or a leisurely family dinner, stroll down either 5th or 7th Avenue and you’ll be spoilt with choice. Here’s a round up of some of the best restaurants in Park Slope.


Starting out as a taco pushcart, Calexico was the brainchild of three brothers. In their second year of business they won the Vendy award for Best Street Food in NYC. Quickly their business has transformed into a small fleet, including 3 carts and 4 restaurants across Brooklyn and Manhattan. Their Park Slope location stands in a delightfully colourful but unassuming building. Stop in for a perfect lunchtime burrito and leave wholly satisfied.


Calexico, 278 Fifth Ave, Brooklyn NY, USA +1 347 253 7644


Banhmigos is a lunch bar that serves up a Vietnamese sandwich called a Bahn Mi, consisting of a crunchy French Baguette filled with crispy pickled carrot, daikon radish, cucumber, cilantro and your choice either marinated meats or Tofu. Bahnmigos offers friendly service and freshly cooked food, producing one of the most popular quick lunches in Park Slope.


Banhmigos, 178 Lincoln Place, Brooklyn, NY, USA 11217 +1 718 399 3812

Vietnamese Bahn Mi | ©LondonChow/Flickr
Vietnamese Bahn Mi | ©LondonChow/Flickr

Café Dada

Offering an inspiring atmosphere amongst the wooden panelling and retro ceiling fans, Café Dada transports you to an artistic hangout in Europe. This café offers the perfect environment for modern day intellects to gather together over espressos and the finest croque monsieur’s. The menu is a combination of French and Hungarian cuisine, making it the perfect place to get comfort food to help you overcome any artistic block.

Cafe Dada, 57 7th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, USA 11217, +1 718 622 2800 2

Papi’s Grill

Having perfected the art of mouth-watering fast food, Papi’s Grill has a maximum wait time of 8 to 10 minutes. The interior of Papi’s is pretty casual with food served on trays that could have been stolen from a school cafeteria. However if you’re looking for an affordable, spicy pick-me-up, this is the place.


Papi’s Grill, 161 7th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, USA 11215, +1 917 909 0589

Roma Pizza | ©AdamKuban/Flickr
Roma Pizza | ©AdamKuban/Flickr


Opening its doors back in 1982, Roma has been the quintessential pizza place in Park Slope for a while. Whether you’re looking for a crispy slice or a Sicilian extra-doughy square slice, Roma is the ideal place for a lunchtime indulgence. Prices are cheap, making it a honey pot for teenagers and young adults. Long lines aren’t uncommon here, but they move quickly, allowing more time to decide what slice to choose.


Roma, 85 7th Avenue, Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY, USA 11217 +1 718 783 7334

Cousin Johns

With over 18 different types of cake to choose from, Cousin Johns is the place to enjoy a two-course lunch. Cousin Johns has a warm and welcoming interior, nestling the café alongside the open kitchen. The menu is traditional, including soup, ham and cheese croissants. For the perfect, decadent meal, follow up your lunch with either a homely fruit tart or chocolate cream cupcake.


Cousin Johns, 70 7th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 11217, +1 718 622 7333

Crepes and Juices

Crepes And Juices offers exactly what the name claims, a killer combination of freshly squeezed juices and sweet or savoury crepes. What better way to offset the guilt of a Nutella crepe than with a carrot, ginger and kale juice? This is a cosy joint where the only shots served are wheatgrass with a sliced orange.


Crepes and Juices, 169 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 11230 +1 718 622 2849

Sushi Platter | ©QuinnDombrowski/Flickr
Sushi Platter | ©QuinnDombrowski/Flickr

Shinju Sushi

Offering up high quality sushi for low prices, Shinju Sushi is ideal for those on a budget. Open 10.30am to 11.00 pm, this is a great takeout place too, offering free delivery within a 3 mile radius.


Shinju Sushi, 75, 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 11217, +1 718 638 0888

Courtesy of Wangs
Courtesy of Wangs


A unique take out place, Wangs brings together Southern Soul food and East Asian flavour. Pioneered by Sara Nguyen, this is her first independent venture. The menu is small, but the food is delectable, served by friendly staff out of a small red window. If it’s a beautiful day, have your meal to stay on the picnic bench situated just outside.

Wangs, 617 Union Street Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY, USA 11215, +1 718 636 6390

Beer Chocolates from Nunu | ©EmmaStory/Flickr


Whilst not a traditional lunch location, Nunu’s frozen hot chocolate is something that deserves a mention. Their savoury, in house pastries are the perfect size to swipe up and accompany your frozen chocolate drink. Famous for their chocolates, Nunu is a quiet haven where the staff members are always ready for a chat.


Nunu, 179 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, USA 11217 +1 718 622 3212