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Top 10 Brunch Places in Bay Ridge Brooklyn
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Top 10 Brunch Places in Bay Ridge Brooklyn

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Hidden under the shadow of Manhattan and Williamsburg, Bay Ridge offers an eclectic mix of the world’s top cuisines. Affordable and delicious, these culinary gems are waiting to be discovered.

Omonia cafe is beautifully adorned with a chandelier as you walk in, greeted by an elegant case of Greek pastries and cookies. This modern setting can be cosy for a simple day with friends or a great birthday party. It has out door seating for those who want to be in touch with nature, or enjoy the warmth of the sun while sipping a greek Frappe.

Right as you walk in, you feel as if you have been magically teleported to California. The beach hues and surfboard decor set a relaxing ambiance to accompany the authentic tasting tacos. With a variation of plates and ales, this spot is perfect for catching up with friends or a fun date night.

This tiny restaurant is wedged between a chain of other stores, this cosey burger spot is ideal for those who are tired of the typical fast food burger. Made with real meat, the food here is served up with freshness and love.

Romantic, modern, chic and welcoming, Delia’s is has the right atmosphere for a posh girls night out, or a romantic drink date for two. The food selection is limited, but the bar is fully stocked and the martini’s are ready to be served with chocolate covered strawberries.

Sunset over Cebu

Family friendly and conveniently located near the train station, this indoor/outdoor dinning setting is traditional.

Spacious and bright, this sushi place spot is convenient for all the sushi lovers. With a variety of rolls, sashimi, hot plates and sake Bay Ridge sushi chose a good name to represent the neighborhood.