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The Top Breweries In New York City

The Top Breweries In New York City

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Updated: 8 December 2016
New York City has it all. From Broadway to the Battery, Staten Island to the Statue of Liberty, it’s hard to find a city with with more to offer than the Big Apple. But breweries? With a recent array of high quality beer houses pouring onto the scene, it may not be long before New York finds another reason to be called one of the greatest cities in the world.

Brooklyn Brewery

Arguably the most well-known and respected of the Big Apple beerhouses, Brooklyn Brewery’s lineup, with perennial favorites like the Brooklyn Pilsner and Lager, have made this Williamsburg establishment a centerpiece of New York City beer culture. With a history as sensational as its product, the brewery was founded in the late 1980’s by Steve Hindy, an AP foreign correspondent in the Middle East who learned the craft from home brewers in prohibition, Saudi Arabia before bringing it back to his home neighborhood in Brooklyn. These days, the brewery relies on the stewardship of famed brewmaster Garrett Oliver, whose skills at the distillery have yet to disappoint beerophiles across the boroughs.

Brooklyn Brewery, 79 North 11th Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA +1 718 486 7422


SingleCut Beersmiths

As the first brewery to open in Queens since Prohibition, SingleCut Beersmiths was destined to attain the status of royalty after which its borough is named. With an attentive focus on the oft under-appreciated lager, or Lagrr as they put it, SingleCut, which opened in 2012, has garnered a steady following in and around the city. Their doors are open four days a week for tasting and tours, accepting reservations as well as walk-ins. For both craft beer aficionados and laydrinkers alike, try the “Jan” Olympic Gold Lager. You won’t be disappointed.

SingleCut Beersmiths, 19-33 37th St, Astoria, NY, USA +1 718 606 0788


Threes Brewing

Opening its doors only last winter, Threes Brewing is a newcomer to the NYC brew scene. Located in a 5000 sq. ft. facility in Gowanus Brooklyn, Threes, whose name is a play on both its address, 333 Douglass St, and its three owners, Justin Israelson, Josh Stylman and, Andrew Unterberg, is gaining ground with an exceptional beer list (The Unreliable Narrator IPA stands out in particular), masterminded by brewer Greg Doroski, formerly of Greenport Harbor. Marketing itself as both brewery and event space, Threes is slated in a position to become the next major player on the Brooklyn brewpub circuit.

Threes Brewing, 333 Douglass St, Brooklyn, NY, USA +1 718 522 2110

Other Half Brewing

If craft beer is defined as being small, independent, and traditional, then Other Half Brewing is the epitome of the trade. Born only last December in Gowanus Brooklyn, founders Sam Richardson and Andrew Burman’s brainchild combines the intimacy of only a few fermenters with the potency of exquisite brewmanship to hand bottle some truly hoppy perfection. With choices like the Other Half IPA and the Cascadian Dark Ale, don’t be surprised if it isn’t long before Other Half Brewing is a name to contend with.

Other Half Brewing Company, 195 Centre St, Brooklyn, NY, USA +1 503 481 0361


Gun Hill Brewing Company

Boasting as the first true Bronx brewer since the 1960s, Gun Hill Brewing Company, whose name is an homage to the nearby arms and ammo depot from the Revolutionary War, has become a mainstay in Big Apple bars and restaurants. Located in a 5000 square foot facility in Woodlawn, Gun Hill produces a steady stream of high quality products; most notable of which may be its Void of Light, a dark, chocolaty stout that would put Guinness to shame. Oh and did we mention they are a licensed farm brewery, sourcing significant percentages of their ingredients from within New York State? So localvores line up, this beer’s on tap.

Gun Hill Brewing Co., 3227 Laconia Ave, Bronx, NY, USA +1 718 881 0010


The Bronx Brewery

Displaying an impressive collection of Pale Ales, served in 16 oz. silver cans that look like oversized steel pipes, The Bronx Brewery has been on a mission since its inception in 2010 to prove that there is more to the northernmost borough than the Bronx Bombers. The success of founders Chris Gallant and Damian Brown can be attributed to their steadfast quartet of Bronx, Belgian, Rye, and IPA styles, as well as a powerful seasonal lineup that rivals even the biggest breweries. If you’re feeling thirsty, the beerhouse is open for tastings and tours Wednesday through Friday at 3PM, and Saturday and Sunday at 12PM.

The Bronx Brewery, 856 East 136th Street, Bronx, NY, USA +1 718 402 1000

Finback Brewery

It would be an understatement to say that best friends and Brooklyn natives, Basil Lee and Kevin Stafford took a risk when they decided to quit their jobs to start a brewery in a Queens warehouse. Yet today, only a few months after opening, it’s a bigger understatement to say the risk didn’t pay off. Their brewery, named Finback Brewery in honor of the 2012 Breezy Point beached whale, has risen to prominence in part due to an especially experimental lineup, the likes of which include the Atnas Belgium Triple and the Cat Love Double IPA. And with more beer bars picking up their product every day, it’s unlikely that Finback’s growth is going to slow down any time soon.

Finback Brewery, 7801 77th Ave, Ridgewood, NY, USA +1 718 628 8600


Sixpoint Brewery

The Bierstern, or Six Point Star, has long been an intrinsic symbol of the art of brewing beer, and it is from this historic emblem that Sixpoint Brewery derives its name. Founded in 2004 in Red Hook Brooklyn, Sixpoint is one of the oldest breweries on this list, and it is perhaps that age, along with a highly proliferate nature, which has led to the sophisticated flavors that can be found in any of its hundreds of brews. With a core offering that includes Sweet Action, Bengali, and Resin, and with seasonals like the Oyster Stout and Tenement Ale, it goes without saying that Sixpoint will likely carry on the legacy that symbolizes its craft.

Sixpoint Brewery, 40 Van Dyke St, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Big Alice Brewing

Producing only pint-sized (pun intended) ten gallon batches at a time, Big Alice Brewing of Long Island City is perhaps the smallest beerhouse on this list. But if you think that small means weak, think again, because the nano-brews produced at this Queen’s brewery are a beer lover’s fantasy. Big Alice’s size is actually its savior, allowing founders Scott Berger and Kyle Hurst the freedom to experiment with their beers. Their experimentation has forged some fantastically quirky flavors, the likes of which include Tangerine and Cranberry Stouts, Raspberry Ryes, and Pineapple IPAs. Feel like trying them out? All beers are available for purchase online, but a word to the wise, you better act fast, the best batches sell out faster than a trip on the 7 train.

Big Alice Brewing, 8-08 43rd Rd, New York, NY, USA +1 347 688 2337