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The 10 Best Restaurants In Jackson Heights, New York City
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The 10 Best Restaurants In Jackson Heights, New York City

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Updated: 9 February 2017
This immigrant-dominated neighborhood is one of NYC’s most diverse. Walking down every street corner, one can see Colombian restaurants next to Indian joints, along with rare favorites like places serving up Tibetan cuisine. Whether its Peruvian chicken spots or Himalayan curries that strike your fancy, be sure to check out our curated picks for a flavorful stroll through this eclectic neighborhood.
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Pio Pio

This popular Peruvian restaurant is known for their juicy rotisserie chicken served with a savory green sauce, along with Latin staples like avocado salad, tostones, and small bite empanadas. Pio Pio’s customers enjoy specials like the matador combo, which includes a large portion of chicken, black beans and rice, fries and chorizo, and tomato salad. No meal is complete without an order of refreshing Sangria.

Pio Pio, 84-02 Northern Boulevard, Jackson Heights, NY, USA, +1 718 426 4900

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Espresso 77

This independent espresso bar welcomes both artists and coffee fanatics to enjoy sweet treats and signature lattes. Be sure to try the honeybee latte, a perfect blend of honey and subtle vanilla flavors. Just in time for fall, Espresso 77 serves a spiced pumpkin latte that gives Starbuck’s serious competition. Coffee lovers also enjoy the cold brew creations that offer a smoother, creamier consistency to caffeinated drinks because the coarse-ground beans are soaked in water for a prolonged period of time. Enjoy a freshly baked scone with your morning cup of joe.

Espresso 77, 35-57 77th Street, Jackson Heights, NY, USA, +1 718 424 1077

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Arepa Lady

This outpost of a Colombian food cart has been churning authentic arepas straight from an old family recipe since the early 1990s. Arepas are a staple in Colombian and Cuban cuisines, consisting of corn and mozzarella pancakes grilled to perfection. Arepa Lady’s owner, Maria Cano, remains a Jackson Heights icon and food celebrity who delivers outstanding, quality food to those willing to wait in long lines. Be sure to order the choclo arepa with chorizo, a spicy Latin sausage.

Arepa Lady, 77-02 Roosevelt Avenue, Jackson Heights, NY, USA, +1 347 730 6124

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Pollos A La Brasa Mario

Jackson Heights is filled with bustling Colombian restaurants that serve Latin favorites like pollo a la brasa, oxtail soup, and, of course, plantains. Pollos A La Brasa Mario delivers large plates of grilled meats, home cooked beans, and crispy hot tostones (fried sweet plantains). The breakfast Mario special remains a favorite, as it serves up scrambled eggs mixed with tomatoes, steak, rice and beans, and a cheesy arepa.

Pollos A La Brasa Mario, 81-01 Roosevelt Avenue, Jackson Heights, NY, USA, +1 718 639 5555

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Mustang Thakali Kitchen

Mustang Thakali Kitchen offers a wide variety of authentic Himalayan dishes, including momos and curries, ranging from stewed lamb to roasted goat to vegetarian combinations. Customers can sample a variety of dishes by ordering thali plates. The vegetable thali plate includes lentil soup, chili sauces, lightly picked vegetables, potato curry, and a puffy fried flatbread called poori. This small spot serves up big-time flavor that keeps customers coming back for more.

Mustang Thakali Kitchen, 74-14 37th Avenue, Jackson Heights, NY, USA, +1 718 898 5088

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La Gran Uruguaya Bakery

Friendly staff, a casual ambiance, and sweet South American treats keep customers coming back time and time again. Handmade afajores (cookies filled with dulce de leche) and bread pudding remain favorites, along with mocha mousse and tiramisu. La Gran Uruguaya Bakery displays a variety of cakes, chocolate-filled cookies, croissants, and muffins while also serving savory traditional favorites like empanadas.

La Gran Uruguaya Bakery, 85-06 37th Avenue, Jackson Heights, NY, USA, +1 718 505 0404

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Uncle Peter’s

This relaxed, brick-lined bar serves up Italian favorites with a hint of Argentinian flair. Uncle Peter’s fusion of flavor is seen in some of the restaurant’s most popular dishes, from the Entrana Della Casa (grilled skirt steak served with a tomato and avocado salad) and the black bean soup. Carnivores rejoice over the gaucho-style chimichurri sirloin steak and grilled baby lamb chops. A premier neighborhood destination, these Argentinian dishes are served alongside Italian favorites like penne alla vodka and chicken parmigiana.

Uncle Peter’s, 83-15th Northern Blvd, Jackson Heights, NY, USA, +1 718 651 8600

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SriPraPhai‘s customers often find themselves in long lines waiting to feast on the aromatic hot and spicy dishes inside this Thai-inspired restaurant. Papaya salad and coconut rice balance the savory, heavily spiced dishes like roasted duck green curry and red snapper served with red chili sauce. A favorite includes the crispy watercress salad dressed with shrimp.

SriPraPhai, 64-13 39th Avenue, Woodside, NY, USA, +1 718 899 9599

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Kitchen 79

Funky chandeliers, dimmed lighting, and tiled walls furnish this trendy Thai restaurant. Specializing in southern Thai cuisine, customers enjoy unusual regional dishes like the gaeng tai pla (a dark and brooding fish curry accented with chilies and pumpkin) along with gaeng massaman (a curry of beef, potatoes, and peanuts flavored with mild coconut milk). For guests looking for their traditional Thai staples, Kitchen 79 makes a flavorful and savory tom kha gai goong, a herbed chicken and coconut soup mixed with mushrooms and pungent galangal.

Kitchen 79, 37-70 79th Street, Jackson Heights, NY, USA, +1 718 803 6227

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Little Tibet

If trying Himalayan/Nepalese cuisine has been on your culinary checklist, Little Tibet is the place to experience traditional dishes. Known for their delicious momos (steamed dumplings filled with a variety of meats and spices) and chicken lollipops, customers love this cozy Tibetan hotspot. Be sure to try the Tibetan steamed buns and phakpey tsip sha (pork ribs marinated in a combination of savory spices). With dimmed lighting and comfortable décor, Little Tibet makes for a perfect adventurous date night meal.

Little Tibet, 72-19 Roosevelt Ave, Jackson Heights, NY, USA, +1 718 505 8423