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The 5 Best NYC Thrift Stores in Chelsea
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The 5 Best NYC Thrift Stores in Chelsea

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Updated: 24 April 2017
Thrifting is a classic NYC pastime, perfect for anyone after unique pieces on a budget. Although it can be time consuming looking for the perfect find, the thrill of the hunt is well worth the effort. We take a closer look at five outstanding thrift stores to check out in Manhattan’s neighborhood of Chelsea.
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Buffalo Exchange

Walk into Buffalo Exchange and the first thing you’ll note is how colorful this shop is, offering a fun vibe that will put you in the shopping mood. There is a large selection of clothes for men and women of all shapes and sizes, and plenty of dressing rooms available for your convenience. The prices are higher than an average thrift shop, but it’s a great place to find luxury brands at bargain prices. Buffalo Exchange is ideal for thrifting amateurs, and will surely become a regular stop.

Buffalo Exchange, 114 West 26th Street, New York, NY, USA +1 212 675 3535

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For a more relaxed thrift store experience, check out Goodwill. It’s clean, organized and quiet, so you can take it slow and easy as you browse through. There are large selections for men and women as well as a home décor section, and the prices are low so there are plenty of treasures waiting to be discovered. Offering a selection of low and high-end brands, Goodwill is definitely worth coming back to. Plus, all the money from your purchases goes straight to charity, so you can shop and save the world at the same time.

Goodwill, 103 West 25th Street, New York, NY, USA +1 646 638 1725

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Housing Works Thrift Shop

Housing Works Thrift Shop has great deals on clothing, shoes, accessories and home goods for men and women. All items are well organized and the prices are usually reasonable for pieces in good condition. Choose from an additional selection of books and records for your collection. For an even better shopping experience, all proceeds go to supporting people living with HIV/AIDS.

Housing Works Thrift Shop, 143 West 17th Street, New York, NY, USA +1 718 838 5050

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Pippin Vintage Jewelry

The jewelry on sale at Pippin Vintage Jewelry covers the three B’s: big, bold and beautiful. There is a large selection for any style, whether you’re in the market for a diamond necklace to wear at a formal party, or colorful statement earrings for the everyday. Prices start at $10 and up, so make sure you come bearing enough cash.

Pippin Vintage Jewelry, 112 West 17th Street, New York, NY, USA +1 212 505 5159

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Angel Street Thrift Shop

If you’re an Anthropologie fan, Angel Street Thrift Shop is the spot for you. With a few clothing selections throughout, this shop’s main focus is eclectic home décor. Their working disco light makes this shopping experience particularly memorable.

Angel Street Thrift Shop, 118 West 17th Street, New York, NY, USA +1 212 229 0546

By Kyung Mi Bae

Kyung Mi is entering her sophomore year at Rutgers University. She hopes to live in NYC one day, but for now she is content visiting frequently. She enjoys making music, reading and going on adventures with her friends.