This One Move Will Earn You Free Pizza For a Year

A few of &pizza's oblong pizzas | image courtesy of &pizza
A few of &pizza's oblong pizzas | image courtesy of &pizza
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Nyc Food & Drink Editor19 June 2017

Would you be willing to be tattooed with a brand’s logo in exchange for a year’s worth of free pizza? This pizza chain thinks you might.

To celebrate the June 20th opening of its first New York location, the Washington DC-based pizza chain &pizza is giving away some freebies. The first 212 people in line (a nod to NYC’s telephone area code) will score a free pizza at the chain’s new NoMad pizzeria.

The first 22 pizza fans who are really hard-core committed to the brand (or maybe just to the free pizza) and would be willing to be inked with &pizza’s logo will be taken to a tattoo parlor via town car. Once they’re permanently bearing the chain’s ampersand logo, they’ll each get free pizza from &pizza for a year. And yes, &pizza will pay for the tattoo.

Image courtesy of &pizza

Apparently more than 80 people—&pizza staff and extraordinarily loyal customers—have already gone under the needle.

Michael Lastoria, the company’s CEO and co-founder, says of the pizza-for-tattoo offer, “We’re doing it because we listen to our people. They love the symbol, they love the look of it, and most importantly they love what it stands for.”

“Celebrating oneness—and individual expression—in support of a stronger community is a core value of the &pizza brand and the intent behind the ampersand logo,” the company explained in a statement.

We’d argue that encouraging dozens of people to get the same corporate tattoo might be considered the antithesis of “individual expression,” but we’re not going to judge if you go for it. Because, hey, free pizza.

Image courtesy of &pizza

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