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This High-Tech Recovery Studio Could Help You Perform Better on Every Level
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This High-Tech Recovery Studio Could Help You Perform Better on Every Level

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Wellness Editor
Updated: 17 May 2018
A newly launched studio entirely dedicated to helping clients recover and recuperate is a welcome addition in a city that could use a helping hand when it comes to winding down.

RēCOVER is the first of its kind in New York—a one-stop for physical and mental recuperation, outfitted with the latest in science-backed technology. Co-founders Aaron Drogoszewski and Rick Richey—both trainers and educators at the National Academy of Sports Medicine—opened their new venture this spring with the goal of bolstering their clients’ performance in athletics, work and play.

Situated on West 30th Street and 7th Avenue, the studio is a stone’s throw from Madison Square Garden, which is no accident given that its business model is geared towards professional athletes. But, says Drogoszewski, they aren’t the only ones who benefit from recovery time.

“A business professional, a writer, an artist, a mom or a dad—there are very real performance demands to every single one of those that have nothing to do with neuromuscular efficiency,” he explains. “We have the opportunity to help recreate balance so you can think clearly. Your mood is manipulated so that you can do what you need to do better. Your energy levels go up. We really want to let people know that ‘good enough’ doesn’t have to be good enough.”

While much of the equipment at RēCOVER is related to hacking your fitness—like the CVAC, for example, a sci-fi pod which improves the body’s energy system functioning through changes in air pressure—it also enables productivity hacking. Before an important meeting, highly strung business people can drop by for a NuCalm session—a restorative sleep treatment said to be part of self-help guru Tony Robbins’ daily routine.

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The NuCalm is said to give you the benefits of a two-hour nap in just 20–30 minutes | © Chris Comfort Photography

Using a combination of binaural beats, micro-current stimulation, topical anti-adrenaline cream, and a blackout eye mask, NuCalm sends you to that just-drifting-off state—the moment right before sleep when thoughts are becoming dream-like and your whole body feels heavy and warm. When you remove the equipment after 20–30 minutes, you’ve experienced the equivalent of two hours of sleep. Your cortisol levels are reduced, creativity and cognition improved, and your energy soars. Essentially, it’s a really great nap without that groggy feeling.

In a city where keeping a busy schedule is a point of pride, the idea of carving out time for recovery might seem inefficient. Why take a fancy nap for 30 minutes when you could be using that time to work out? But Drogoszewski explains that without recovery, your ability to build muscle and lose weight is impaired due to cortisol and the way it interacts with insulin. Even if you’re exercising regularly and your nutrition is on point, a high-stress lifestyle makes it hard to shift excess pounds.

In short, whoever you are, whatever you do, you should be factoring in time for recovery not just as a form of self-care, but as a research-verified way to get the most out of your body and your life.

“Everything here is blissful and feels nice but there’s science behind it,” says Drogoszewski. “You leave here a better version of who you are than when you came in. That’s the goal.”

RēCOVER, 360 7th Avenue, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10001 +1 (646) 883-2316