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© Taylor Grote / Unsplash
© Taylor Grote / Unsplash
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These Healthy NYC Cocktails Are *Practically* Good for You

Picture of Esme Benjamin
Wellness Editor
Updated: 17 October 2017
Between the alcohol and various syrupy additions to the ingredients list, cocktails are one of the most calorific and unhealthy vices. But if you avoid tiki-style, sugar-laden concoctions and pick beverages mixed with veggie juice and antioxidant-rich spices happy hour becomes a little healthier.
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Detox Retox at Catch

Ingredients: Viva XXXII Joven Tequila, matcha tea, fresh cucumber, mint, lime.

Good for you because: Matcha (finely ground, powdered green tea leaves) is packed with antioxidants. Studies show it can improve your mood and give you a sustained energy boost without the jitters of coffee.

Catch, 21 9th Avenue, New York, NY, USA, 10014 +1 (212) 392 5978

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Garden Variety Margarita at The Wayland

Ingredients: Blanco tequila, ginger and kale juice, lime, agave nectar, smoked sea salt.

Good for you because: Kale is high in iron, vitamin K, and fatty acids which fight inflammation.

The Wayland, 700 East 9th Street, New York, NY, USA, 10009 +1 (212) 777 7022

Come drink some margaritas with us. #gardenvarietymargarita #foodtill4AM #neighborhoodbar #teamwaylandnyc

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Ginger Rogers Sour at The Lucky Bee

Ingredients: Bourbon, fresh ginger juice, fresh lemon, lemongrass-infused honey.

Good for you because: Ginger is great for soothing the stomach and aiding digestion, which makes it an ideal complement for booze.

The Lucky Bee, 252 Broome Street, New York, NY, USA, 10002 +1 (917) 262 0329

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Casablanca at Slowly Shirley

Ingredients: Gin, rum, dates, turmeric, harissa, honey, lemon, Majon Dry Spanish Gin, Scarlet Ibis Trinidad Rum.

Good for you because: Antioxidant-rich turmeric fights inflammation, eases indigestion and can even boost your immunity.

Slowly Shirley, downstairs at 121 West 10th Street, New York, NY, USA, 10011 +1 (212) 243 2827

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Lowside Special at Fresh Kills

Ingredients: Amaro Lucano, fresh juices of pineapple and lemon, house-made orgeat (sweet syrup made from almonds, sugar, and rose water), cracked pepper and soda water.

Good for you because: This cocktail is low on alcohol and contains hydrating fruit juices and soda water to help prevent hangovers.

Fresh Kills, 161 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 11249 +1 (718) 599 7888

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Mace at Mace

Ingredients: Aperol, aquavit, beet juice, orange acid, young Thai coconut cordial, mace mist

Good for you because: Besides being high in vitamin C and potassium, beets are also great for your liver, thanks to betaine, an amino acid that helps aid detoxification.

Mace, 649 East 9th St, New York, NY 10009, USA

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Bison at Night of Joy

Ingredients: Bison Grass Vodka, apple juice, goji berries

Good for you because: Goji berries are rich in antioxidants and contain the full spectrum of essential amino acids—eight in total. Crucially, they’ve also been shown to help stabilize blood sugar, which makes them a useful addition to any alcoholic beverage.

Night of Joy, 667 Lorimer Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 11211 +1 (718) 388 8693

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