The Yeah Yeah Yeahs: 10 Reasons To Love This NYC Band

Day 83: Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs Rip Off | ©Dustin Gaffke/flickr
Day 83: Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs Rip Off | ©Dustin Gaffke/flickr
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Updated: 23 March 2016
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Hailing from New York City, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs graced us with their presence in 2000. This indie trio consists of Karen O, Nick Zinner, and Brian Chase. If their three Grammy nominations isn’t enough to get you interested, read on to find out more about The Culture Trip’s favorite Yeah Yeah Yeahs songs!


One of their most popular songs, the rocking trio brings their A-game with this chilling track. Get lost in Karen O’s hypnotic voice. It’s much different than your typical indie song.

Gold Lion

Rhythmic and catchy, this is a Culture Trip favorite. This song is powerful from the beginning. You’ll want to groove to this all night, we’re not lion!

Cheated Hearts

A necessary anthem for those who have recently had hearts broken. It’s empowering and after listening to it, you know you’ll be okay.

Heads Will Roll

Turn this up and jam out! It’s got a great beat and funky lyrics to boot. This is the song that you’ll want to dance to all night long.


An unusual song that you won’t be able to stop listening to. It definitely has a unique sound to it, but it’s a great tune none the less. Buzz buzz buzz.

Turn Into

For you folk-indie lovers, this song is for you. A slower song for this group, packed with plenty of heart and soul. Definitely perfect for your road-trip playlist.


Another good song to listen to if you’re feeling a little bit under the weather, emotionally. A sweet tune that’s easy to listen to.


Not only is this song haunting, but the music video will give you chills. Beautifully crafted, you’ll be left wondering ‘what did I just watch?’.


This song has an ’80s vibe but still captures that unique Yeah Yeah Yeahs funk. A perfect example of what this band can do, which is pretty much anything.

Date With The Night

If you want the classic Yeah Yeah Yeahs experience, this is the song for you. Karen O kills the vocals, Nick Zinner slays on the guitar, and Brian Chase dominates the drums.

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