The Upper West Side’s 10 Best Bars

The Upper West Side’s 10 Best Bars
Manhattan’s Upper West Side might not seem like the prime choice for a night out with your favorite guys and gals, but there is a watering hole for everyone in this lively neighborhood. The Culture Trip’s bar connoisseurs take you on a tour of the 10 best bars in NYC’s Upper West Side.
e’s Bar Image courtesy of e’s Bar

e’s BAR

Bar, Pub Grub, Vegetarian, $$$
e’s BAR is the perfect spot to meet up with friends after a long week at work. Full of good eats, good cocktails, and great beers, this bar has something for everyone. They have burgers and fish tacos, and for vegetarians, the falafel burger is a tasty alternative. The atmosphere is the best part about this spot. Brick interior, patron pictures on the wall, and bar games; it’s a place to unwind and enjoy.
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Jacob’s Pickles

Restaurant, American, Fast Food, $$$
Jacob’s Pickles, New York
Jacob’s Pickles, New York | Image Courtesy of The Parlour
Jacob’s Pickles is known for its wide selection of comfort foods, such as biscuits and pickles, the Southern-style restaurant also has a wide selection of delicious beers and cocktails. Regional beers are available, including an extensive list from Allagash brewery. If cocktails and spirits are more your speed, the classic honey julep or the apple pie moonshine are sure to please the inner Southerner in all of us.
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The Parlour

Pub, Irish, Pub Grub, $$$
The Parlour keeps with medieval Irish tradition. The atmosphere is large and roomy and the perfect place to settle in for the sports game, a Guinness, and a bite to eat. The classic pub has all the characteristic fare, including an extensive whiskey list. For those looking for a new twist on some of the old classics, try the Parlour Manhattan or Bloody Mary.
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The Dead Poet

Bar, Pub, Irish, $$$
The Dead Poet is the ideal place to enjoy a brew and read a good book. The bar has its own personal library where patrons can sign out classic books. Mahogany walls covered with poetry quotes and portraits of famous modern poets create a more than amicable atmosphere. Whiskey lovers will be excited about their all-encompassing whiskey list.
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George Keeley

Bar, Pub, Pub Grub, $$$
George Keeley isn’t a typical pub. The long open bar, stools, tables, and masonry stonework behind the bar create a perfect atmosphere to indulge your inner beer connoisseur and watch the game. George Keeley puts an innovative twist on the typical bar food. The establishment maintains a seamless beer list, always fresh and constantly updating. Drink 100 different beers and you can become a gold member of their popular beer club.
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Bourbon Street

Bar, American, $$$
Bourbon Street is located in the middle of the lovely Upper West Side neighborhood. Step inside, and the décor will transport you down to a lively ‘N’Awlins’ party. Mardi Gras beads and brassieres are used as the main decorations, providing a high-spirited atmosphere for the college crowd that is known to frequent the place. Beer, wine, spirits, and all the perfect bar favorites are available. There is even a beer pong table in the back.
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Bar, Cocktail Bar, Pub Grub, $$$
BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn
BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn | © Amanda Hirsh/Flickr
Prohibition is an upscale bar and lounge with some of the best bar food in the Upper West Side. Featuring live music nightly, the jazz age is still present in this dimly lit bar, which is a great swanky alternative without the gouging prices. The menu features mini food items, perfect for bar munchies, as well as delightful dinner options.
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Manhattan Cricket Club

Cocktail Bar, American, Pub Grub, $$$
The Manhattan Cricket Club, located upstairs in a 19th century apartment, offers a cozy Victorian atmosphere to enjoy spirits and classic eats. Delectable oysters are one option available until 11 pm while you can order a salmon rilette and others at any time. Enjoy any of the inventive cocktails, but be prepared to try something new the next time around because the menu is ever-changing.
Looks like it's closed Hours or services may be impacted due to Covid-19
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Dublin House

Bar, Pub Grub, $$$
For those in need of a blast to the past, the Dublin House is the perfect spot. The iconic large neon sign, served as a historical landmark and welcome sign for sailors and others who needed a cozy atmosphere and a local alehouse. The bar is family owned and operated for over 80 years and still opens at 8am every day. Pop inside to enjoy the wood framework, jukebox, and a cold Guinness.
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Jake’s Dilemma

Bar, Pub, American, Pub Grub, $$$
For individuals still in their college years, try out Jake’s Dilemma. This bar has the typical selection of beer, wine, and cocktails, as well as great bar food. The beer pong tables in the back are the major draw-in. The bar offers over 50 beers and has become an Upper West Side landmark. Go watch the game, and challenge your friends to a beer pong match.
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