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 Trump Soho Hotel | © Jay Greinsky/Flickr
Trump Soho Hotel | © Jay Greinsky/Flickr
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The Trump Soho Hotel Gets Rid of the 'Trump' Name

Picture of Nikki Vargas
Travel Editor
Updated: 27 December 2017
As former hotelier and current U.S. President Donald Trump continues to find himself at the center of controversy for his divisive politics, his hotel business is taking a dive.

Back when U.S politics made sense, the Trump name was once reserved for failed airplanes, bad reality TV shows and hotel chains. When the Donald was sworn into office earlier this year, perhaps he and his family assumed the ascension to presidency would translate to an increase in business for Trump hotels, Ivanka’s clothing line and the myriad other sub companies the Trump Organization oversees. Instead, Trump hotels have seen a staggering drop in business in locations around the world.

Trump Hotel in Las Vegas | © Prayitno/Flickr

Trump’s own hideaway, Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, had 19 charities cancel fundraisers, while Trump golf courses in California, Scotland and the Bronx have seen a decline in revenue. The latest blow to the Trump Organization is the loss of the Trump Soho hotel, which was bought out of its contract last month. While the loss of the hotel is notable, it is the symbolic removal of the Trump name from the building’s facade that is making headlines.

According to Patch, “Early on Thursday morning, the Trump Soho, located at 246 Spring St., became The Dominick. Most signs of the Trump logo were removed by Thursday morning.” The former Trump Soho has been around for seven years, but both the hotel’s restaurant—Koi—and the hotel itself saw a major dip in business after the election of their namesake last year.

“Before Trump won we were doing great,” a former host at Koi told Patch. “There were a lot of people. We had our regulars who’d go to the hotel but are not affiliated with Trump.” After the election, Koi was forced to close in June due to loss of business, while the hotel has seen a marked drop in reservations.

“The end of Trump Soho capped a year in which Trump’s divisive presidency has pulled his global hospitality company in opposite directions—driving business to some properties the president visits and sapping customers from others,” reports The Washington Post.

Rally against Donald Trump in NYC | © StockSnapp/Pixabay

At the former Trump Soho, workers could be seen peeling the TRUMP logo off the hotel after Thanksgiving, covering the shadow of where the letters once stood with Christmas decorations. With the hotel’s new identity announced but not yet displayed, the tower appears nameless.

“Nobody knows,” the hotel’s bellman told The Washington Post on Wednesday morning, when asked what hotel he works for. “That’s the name: The Nobody Knows Hotel.”