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The Westin at Times Square | Courtesy of Westin
The Westin at Times Square | Courtesy of Westin

The Top 10 Green Hotels In New York City

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Updated: 21 April 2017
When it comes to choosing a hotel for your stay in the Big Apple, there are (quite literally) thousands of options. While some folks may choose their hotel based on location or vibe, there are others who want all that plus a space that’s actually kind to the environment. To help you select your potential home-away-from-home, here are the Top 10 Green Hotels in New York City that are kind to our environment and have all signed a commitment to sustainability.

EVEN Hotel Times Square South

The theme of this entire hotel is wellness and sustainability. Guests can stay fit with in-room workout equipment, including a yoga mat, exercise ball, and resistance bands. And to help keep the earth healthy, EVEN Hotel‘s guest rooms feature linens made from natural fibers, LED mood lighting, and essential oil toiletries (which come in environmentally friendly containers).

EVEN Hotel Times Square South, 321 W 35th St, New York, NY USA, +1 212 356 0034 

Grand Hyatt New York

The Grand Hyatt, located conveniently near Grand Central Terminal, underwent more than $2 million last year in renovations in an effort to revamp its entire energy system. Over the course of 2016, the owners of thhotel installed exhaust controls in all four kitchens that use minimal energy when ovens and stoves aren’t being used, more than 16,000 LED lightbulbs in all guest rooms and public spaces, and a new air conditioning and heating system. Combined, all three new installations have reduced the hotel’s carbon emissions by 2,400 metric tons this past year.

Grand Hyatt New York, 109 E 42nd St, New York, NY USA, +1 212 883 1234

Grand Hyatt New York Lobby | Courtesy of Hyatt

Grand Hyatt New York Lobby | Courtesy of Hyatt

The Westin New York at Times Square

Although the Westin at Times Square may be located in one of the most energy-consumptive areas of the city, the owners of the hotel recently signed a pledge to be more eco-friendly. All rooms are installed with low-flow showerheads and the building has energy-efficient boilers and coolers. Guests’ bathrooms have been upgraded with sensors that turn off the lights whenever no activity has been detected for 3o minutes.

The Westin New York at Times Square, 270 W 43rd St, New York, NY USA, +1 212 201 2700

Conrad New York

The owners of Conrad Hotels have signed a special commitment to sustainability: all hotels now feature energy- and light-efficient systems. Plus, the hotel was the first of already-existing buildings to receive a LEED Gold New Construction Certification. Up on the roof, eco-minded guests will appreciate a green garden and a chef’s garden, used by the employees downstairs in the hotel’s Energy Star kitchen.

Conrad New York, 102 North End Ave, New York, NY USA, +1 212 945 0100

Conrad Hotel | Courtesy of Conrad Hotel

Conrad Hotel | Courtesy of Conrad Hotel

1 Hotel Central Park

All 1 Hotels are known for their sustainable goals. This one, located just a block south of Central Park, has LED lighting, an energy-efficient air-conditioning system, and a natural gas boiler. But what really sets the hotel apart is its enviable fleet of electric cars from Tesla.

1 Hotel Central Park, 1414 6th Ave, New York, NY USA, +1 212 703 2001

Park King Suite | Courtesy of 1 Hotels

Park King Suite | Courtesy of 1 Hotels

The Peninsula New York

The entire Peninsula hotel (all 235 guest rooms included) was recently redone with all-LED lighting. The owners of the hotel also spent approximately $1.1 million to install eight new elevators that consume less energy than their predecessors.

The Peninsula New York, 700 5th Ave, New York, NY USA, +1 212 956 2888 

The Crosby Street Hotel

This hotel was the first LEED Gold Certified building in New York City—and it was designed with the environment in mind. Architects of The Crosby Street Hotel designed 61% of the building site as “open space” to maximize air filtration and natural light inside. All lighting is energy efficient and the rooms receive air filtered directly from outside. Plus, there’s a vegetable garden on one of the hotel’s terraces.

The Crosby Street Hotel, 79 Crosby St, New York, NY USA, +1 212 226 6400

Crosby Terrace | Courtesy of Firmdale Hotels

Crosby Terrace | Courtesy of Firmdale Hotels

Lotte New York Palace

Just because a hotel is luxurious doesn’t mean that it can’t also be committed to sustainability. The Lotte New York Palace not only uses renewable energy to power the hotel, but it was also the first in New York to partner with Clean the World. Via this charity, the owners of the hotel donate approximately 600 pounds of soap (and other guest room amenities) each year to homeless shelters in 30 countries around the world, thus reducing several tons of landfill waste.

Lotte New York Palace, 455 Madison Ave, New York, NY USA, +1 212 888 7000

Ink48, a Kimpton Hotel

Perhaps what makes the Ink48 most unique in its efforts to help the environment is its use of nontoxic cleaning supplies. The hotel also recycles and uses energy-efficient faucets, toilets, and showers, thus minimizing water consumption. All guest rooms have limited paper products and energy-efficient lighting.

Kimpton Ink48 Hotel, 653 11th Ave, New York, NY USA, +1 212 757 0088


Ink48 Lounge | Courtesy of Kimpton Hotels

Ink48 Lounge | Courtesy of Kimpton Hotels

The Muse Hotel New York 

This Kimpton-branded hotel has put in place more than 100 daily practices to make operations more eco-friendly. Key cards are made with recycled materials, chefs buy organic foods, and the hotel offers complimentary bicycles for its guests to travel around the city without producing any carbon emissions. Plus, the spa offers eco-friendly massages. Definitely check them out (in the name of Mother Nature).

The Muse, 130 W 46th St, New York, NY USA, +1 212 485 2400