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The Strangest Donut Fillings In New York City
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The Strangest Donut Fillings In New York City

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Updated: 1 December 2016
A good donut to go with your coffee in the morning is a must. Many go for the classics in their dozen, original glazed, chocolate, sprinkles, even strawberry. However, there have been some changes in the donut industry, and the need for different flavors has brought out creative minds to find strange dippings, fillings, and toppings to outdo the originals. Here are some of the strangest donut fillings in New York City.

If there’s anywhere a donut flavor would prosper, it would be at the Doughnut Plant, located on the Lower East Side of the city that never sleeps. If you’re looking for a quaint and quiet place to chomp on some strangely filled donuts, here is the place. This shop celebrated 20 years last year, and proudly brags of being first to mix fresh fruit and nuts in a donut glaze and the first in the world to invent the square filled donut. Here you will find two strange flavors, the pineapple rosemary-filled doughnut and the cashew and orange blossom doughseed doughnut. One of them tastes like Froot Loops, while the other tastes like heaven.

Doughnut Plant, 379 Grand Street, New York, NY, USA, +1 212 505 3700

The Donut Pub | © Rudi Riet/Flickr
The Donut Pub | © Rudi Riet/Flickr

Even a classic can be turned into something strange with one little twist in the making. The cronut is one of those inventions where a croissant and donut is fused together to make a puffy and airy type of pastry in the shape of a donut. The Donut Pub, open 24 hours, sells freshly made cronuts with all sorts of different fillings and toppings. One strange and not so surprisingly good filling is the dulce de leche, taking after its name and its flavor to the tee. The shop also boasts about its cakes and coffee, plus its orange and strawberry creamsicle-filled donuts.

The Donut Pub, 203 West 14th Street, New York, NY, USA, +1 212 929 0126

Maybe you’re not in the mood for a heavy donut. How about some mini donuts? Doughnuttery sells the perfect mini donuts in perfectly proportioned sizes. Located in Chelsea Market, an indoor marketplace in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, this small but vibrant corner sells some weird but pleasantly tasting sugar toppings, including ‘Cheesy Poof’, a mix of corn, jalapeño, and cheese topping. Another flavor, named ‘Purple Pig,’ has a different take on bacon, mixing it with maple and purple potatoes.

Doughnuttery, Chelsea Market, 425 West 15th Street, New York, NY, USA, +1 212 633 4359