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Virtual reality startups are promising great things in NYC | © Pixabay
Virtual reality startups are promising great things in NYC | © Pixabay
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The Most Interesting VR Startups in New York

Picture of Peter Ward
Tech Editor
Updated: 20 December 2017
Virtual reality is becoming increasingly mainstream. As headsets get smaller and content becomes more gripping, expect that trend to continue in the future. New York hosts some of the most exciting VR startups in the world, working on some fascinating projects.


Watching sports at home is great, but going to the game is even better. However, tickets to watch your favorite team or athlete can cost a lot, and sometimes are hard to come by. Even when you get there, there’s a chance your seats will disappoint. Livelike aims to solve all these problems, by letting you watch live sports as if you’re in the stadium from the comfort of your own home. And unlike some isolating virtual reality experiences, you can also share your enjoyment with your friends. Users are able to watch from box seats, courtside seats, and many other angles. You can even build your own avatar to represent you while you watch. Check out the video below for an example of watching tennis in VR.


TimeLooper takes users back in time. It doesn’t use a DeLorean car or any other form of time machine, but instead a VR mobile app. The app uses both virtual reality and augmented reality technology to recreate and document key historic events in locations around the world. This is great for tourists wanting to know some history while sightseeing. These experiences are available in New York, London, Washington DC, Budapest, Berlin and Izmir.


The best virtual reality experiences take us places we otherwise wouldn’t be able to see. The world is full of great art, but most of us can’t afford to travel the world and see it all. And at the same time, images in a book or online just don’t do it justice. Boulevard aims to make famous artworks more accessible. Not only does that make it easier to access for the average user, but also puts great works of art in classrooms. The company also provides teaching curriculums and tests to make a fully interactive learning experience.


VRWorld is the newest and perhaps most ambitious virtual arcade in New York City right now, at a time when a lot of them are popping up. VRWorld claims to be “the largest virtual reality experience center in the western hemisphere.” The building has packed over 50 VR games, films, and experiences into two floors, and is a must see when visiting New York.


Littlstar offers a custom VR player that lets users explore 360-degree videos from their web browsers or a mobile device. The company aims to help publishers embed immersive videos onto their sites. Some of the largest VR content producers in the world are distributing their immersive videos through the platform, including Syfy, NBC, Disney, and Showtime.