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The Future Is Infinite: An Interview with Fashion's Next Top Model

Picture of Jill Di Donato
Fashion Editor
Updated: 9 August 2017
He might be rap royalty, but Infinite Coles is a starboy in his own right. Growing up in the Wu-Tang house may have opened some doors in the cut-throat world of fashion, music, and entertainment, but for Coles, but finding success was all about his self-acceptance. After making his debut in Clayton Vomero’s film “GANG,” voguing alongside Major Lazer’s Mela Murder, Coles broke out as a model for labels at the crossroads of high fashion and street wear.

For so long, the worlds of high fashion and street wear inhabited two different spaces entirely. But right now, these two worlds are colliding, and Coles finds himself an ambassador for this sweet melange of looks.

© Chris Luttrell

Coles spent his teenage years in the closet, suffering shame for being who he is—a gay man who conceives of gender as a fluid construction that will one day become obsolete. Let’s just say these thoughts didn’t jibe well with his dad, when Coles finally came out.

These days, following Coles’ success as an R&B singer—with upcoming projects including collaborations with Bibi Bourelly (who penned Rihanna’s “Higher” and “Bitch Better Have My Money”) along with XL Recordings’ “Everything is Recorded” project, as well as walking the runways of labels like the CDFA award-winning Gypsy Sport, Los Angeles based We Are Mortals, and Bushwick based Whatever 21, Coles has finally found acceptance, not only with his family, but within himself. And that’s what makes his style so fresh.