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Halloween Dog Parade 2017 | © Amanda Suarez/Culture Trip
Halloween Dog Parade 2017 | © Amanda Suarez/Culture Trip
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The Best of NYC's 2017 Halloween Dog Parade

Picture of Nikki Vargas
Travel Editor
Updated: 24 October 2017
Every October, New York’s dog owners gather at Tompkins Square Park to show off their costumed pooches in the annual Halloween Dog Parade. This time-honored traditions brings pooches together for one afternoon of cuteness overload and creative outfits.

On one Saturday afternoon, every year, Tompkins Square Park throws the annual Halloween Dog Parade. While there are a few annual Halloween festivities around New York, the Halloween Dog Parade is by far the most anticipated.

Halloween Dog Parade 2017 | © Amanda Suarez/Culture Trip
Halloween Dog Parade 2017 | © Amanda Suarez/Culture Trip

More of a gathering than an actual parade, dog owners congregate at Tompkins Square Park while onlookers and local cat owners (like yours truly) vicariously live through the city’s dog owners.

Those with the most creative costumes can win prizes, while others enjoy the fun of having their pups photographed and sometimes featured in national media the following week. From political statements to elaborate costumes, these are some of the best looks from this year’s dogs.

1. The Handmaid’s Dog

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One of the most photographed and popular costumes at this year’s Halloween Dog Parade was inspired by the hit show The Handmaid’s Tale.

2. Oscar the Grouch

A post shared by Sprout (@brussels.sprout) on

Another fan favorite from this year’s dog parade was a throwback to Sesame Street’s famed grouch, Oscar. This Instagram pooch—who has a whopping 75,000+ followers—was carried on his throne of trash with champagne bottles, newspapers and coffee cups sticking out.

3. The Scottish Highlander

A post shared by Balvenie (@balveniedog) on

One of the few Scottish terriers to be spotted at the event, Balvenie (appropriately named after the iconic Scotch label) came dressed head-to-toe as a true Scotsman, kilt and all.

4. The New York Tourists

For this costume, the owners went above and beyond by creating a mini NYC Sightseeing tour bus and then dressing their pups up as classic tourists, complete with ‘I Love NY’ t-shirts and selfie sticks in hand…erm…paws.

5. The Kissing Booth

A post shared by Cheet (@cheetish4321) on

This adorable pup manned his own kissing booth during the parade offering up irresistible smooches to all who passed by.

6. The Political Pooch

A post shared by Franklin (@franklinthepitbull) on

Franklin the pitbull went political at this year’s Halloween Dog parade, dressing as Donald Trump. Franklin was one of many dogs to poke fun at the current administration—with other pups dressed as Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer—but Franklin nailed the look (and orange coloring) perfectly.

7. The Staten Island Corgi

A post shared by caitlin5ann (@caitlin5ann) on

Because I (not so secretly) am obsessed with corgis, this little guy in his Staten Island Ferry costume just melted my heart—and apparently the hearts of many others as he was featured as one of the best pooch costumes by The Huffington Post. The only other corgi to come in second was one wearing a wonder bread wrapper; a nod to those adorable bread-shaped corgi bums.

8. The Cougar Barbie

This senior pooch came dressed as ‘Cougar Barbie’ with a hot pink set of wheels and some admiring boys in her back seat. Who says young dogs have all the fun?

9. It and Georgie

A post shared by shinramyun (@shinramyun) on

For as terrifying as the owner looks, that’s how cute this pooch looks dressed as Georgie from the movie It. The film, which was recently re-made this year, was another crowd favorite as many Georgies’ and that iconic red balloon were spotted.

10. Hugh Hefner & his Playboy Bunnies

A post shared by Fran Champagne (@littlebougies) on

Shakespeare the pooch stole the show with this homage to the late Hugh Hefner and his Playboy legacy. Accompanied by owners dressed appropriately as Playboy bunnies, this Instagram pup sat on a black fur throne with a red robe, pipe and hat.