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The Best TED Talks Around New York City
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The Best TED Talks Around New York City

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Updated: 8 January 2017
We live in a world of limitless information at our fingertips. No matter what device is before us – a smartphone, a computer, a television, a watch – information is always being delivered at speeds we’ve never seen before. With both technology and information gathering changing, one thing holds true – people still love to learn IRL. Sure, people like to watch the latest TED Talk during their work break, but do those same people know you can attend them live in New York? We’re here to direct you to the best and upcoming Talks in your part of NYC, covering topics you care about. Here’s how:

Upcoming TED Talks in New York

TED Talks Live at New York City’s The Town Hall Theatre is a multimedia experience combining talks, short films, performances, stories, and much more. The topics below are divided into three sections, each a two-day, live ticketed event.

The Education Revolution, November 1 & 2, 2015

Education reform is consistently a hot topic in this country, especially during election seasons. Scholars and experts will discuss education as it stands today and where they see its future. The panelists will focus on problems within the system today and how to ensure a bright future for all students.

War and Peace, November 3 & 4, 2015

War today is different than ever before with incredible technological advances and major social reform within the military. The panel will discuss war in a post-9/11 world and how human rights activists are working for a better tomorrow.

Science and Wonder, November 5 & 6, 2015

As we learn more about the world around us, how can we interpret this information in order to make a better world for future generations? This panel of scientific experts will discuss our planet and the universe that surrounds it.

Noteworthy Past TED Talks in New York City

To catch up on what you’ve missed from TED in and around New York City, you can catch up through the archives. Below are some highlighted presentations from NYC.

Dustin Yellin: A Journey Through The Mind Of An Artist, October 2014

Dustin Yellin is a artistic force to be reckoned with. His pieces involve smaller objects to make a larger image, all telling a story about the relationship between entities of this world. His work is founded on the idea of ‘thinking outside the box’ by creating an archive of our culture through ripped up media. He also owns the Red Hook culture lab Pioneer Works where his art and others are on display.

Janette Sadik-Khan: New York’s Streets? Not So Mean Any More, September 2013

We live in an urban age where most people live in cities rather than suburbs or countryside. How does a city maximize efficient mobility in order to serve all traffic flows? Janette Sadik-Khan explains how New York City reimagined its streets in quick, inexpensive ways to win over popular opinion and create new spaces for pedestrians and vehicles alike.

Robin Nagle: What I Discovered In New York City Trash, September 2013

Every day, Americans create 11,000 tons of garbage and 2,000 tons of recyclables. But, who cleans up after us? Robin Nagle describes her time in the sanitation department as the ‘first guardian of public health’ and how we, as a nation, need to understand our sanitation system and the footprint of our waste.

Hannah Brencher: Love Letters To Strangers, June 2012

In a world dominated by digital communication, Hannah Brencher discovered a way to spread love without a screen – good old fashioned letter writing. She started a global organization to connect strangers through the lost art in order to spread the love and connect people through storytelling.

Stephen Bitz: A Teacher Growing Green In The South Bronx, January 2012

Stephen Bitz is changing landscapes and mindsets, starting with his classroom in the South Bronx. He tells his inspiring tale of a truly authentic learning experience with the first edible wall in New York City. The ‘desert’ that is the South Bronx now has new green graffiti that’s changing their community to live and learn better both inside and outside of the classroom.

Angela Lee Duckworth: The Key To Success? Grit. April 2013

Who is going to be successful in the world and why? Angela Lee Duckworth has spent her career trying to understand what kinds of kids will be more successful in her classroom, only to learn it was the ones with grit. A significant predictor of success, Duckworth explains what grit is and why it is so significant.

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Ismael Nazario: What I Learned As A Kid In Jail, October 2014

As a child, Ismael Nazario spent 400 days on Rikers Island, much of which was in solitary confinement. After his time there he realized that the culture prisons are cultivating in this country don’t command reentry into society, but rather a lifetime of crime for these inmates. He discusses programming and CO reform to better help the mentally ill and adolescent population so that people can enter society again, much as he did.

The Town Hall Theatre, 123 West 43rd Street, New York, NY, USA, +1 212 997 1003