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Lucali | ©Krista/Flickr
Lucali | ©Krista/Flickr
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The 10 Best Restaurants In Cobble Hill, New York City

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Cobble Hill is a charming neighborhood located in Brooklyn, New York, comprised of cute corner stores, bountiful boutiques, and enough fire escapes and stoops to fulfill all of your NYC fantasies. Should you find yourself exploring this picturesque community, be sure to stop in one of these delicious restaurants and have your fill.
Bareburger Burgers | © Jaysin Trevino/Flickr
Bareburger Burgers | © Jaysin Trevino/Flickr


Bareburger really takes a new twist on burgers. This restaurant offers a fresh variety of meats and burgers (with an option for vegetarians). Everything is organic and incredibly fresh. The décor is laid back and welcoming. Go bold with your burger choices. Try the Elk burger with a nice sharp cheddar cheese, or go for the wild boar. Come here with a group of friends and let your tastebuds take a wild ride.

Bareburger, 149 Court Street, Brooklyn, New York, USA +1 347 529 6673

La Vara

This is a great spot to get some nice tapas. La Vara is cozy with a brick wall and comfortable ambiance. The food servings are small, so if you’re in a larger group, it’s best to order a few different tapas. Start off with the aceitunas, a lightly citrus and herb marinated batch of olives. The berenjena con miel is another great dish – bite into crispy eggplant and experience a mixture of flavors. The honey and melted cheese are a great addition to this plate.

La Vara, 268 Clinton Street, Brooklyn, New York, USA +1 718 422 0065

Lucali | ©Krista/Flickr
Lucali | ©Krista/Flickr


A great hit in terms of pizzerias, Lucali is a very warm and welcoming restaurant. Walk into this cozy rustic restaurant and instantly feel like you are in a home in Italy. The open kitchen is located in the back of the dining area, where the pizza is practically made in front of you. Get the simple margarita pizza. To spruce it up a bit, there are extra toppings that can be added. The calzone is really good as well, with a creamy ricotta and mozzarella filling and a side of tangy tomato sauce.

Lucali, 575 Henry Street, New York USA +1 718 858 4086


This spot is anything but ugly. The décor is sleek, with wood paneled walls and an elegant entrance. This is an ideal place to meet up with friends and have a special meal. The cheese platter is a perfect start, with a sheep and cow cheese and a crostini and raspberry jam. A great classic meal to have here is the chicken and waffle, it comes paired with an aioli sauce and maple syrup to give it more of a punch.

Uglyduckling, 166 Smith Street, Brooklyn, New York, USA +1 718 451 3825


If you are willing to splurge a bit, then this is a must. Battersby is a supremely elegant place. The wall is adorned with brick and the kitchen is small, but the dishes they come out with are quite impressive. The presentation is exquisite and each dish has such a unique and flavorful taste to it. Try the Pappardelle, a tangy duck bolognese. Be sure to make a reservation, as there is limited seating space.

Battersby, 255 Smith Sreett, Brooklyn, New York, USA +1 718 852 8321

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Bar Tabac

Walk into Bar Tabac and instantly get transported to a small tabac bar in Paris. This restaurant captures the essence of French cuisine and French culture. Apart from hosting cultural events from time to time (if you want to get a true French experience, go to the Bastille Day celebration on July 14), the food is great. Start off with the goat cheese salad, with warm croutons, frisée, beets, apple, and walnuts. Then go for the classic French dish, a croque monsieur.

Bar Tabac, 128 Smith Street, Brooklyn, New York USA +1 718 923 0918

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Sottocasa Pizzeria

This is a pizzeria through and through. Apart from the antipasti section of the menu, the only other thing available is pizza and calzones. Sottocassa has an impressive menu with a little over 20 different pizza options (including a calzone). The ingredients are fresh and aromatic, and the pizza is perfectly cooked perfectly to give it an airy crust with a slight charred crunch. Order the Laura, a pie with a creamy mascarpone and mozzarella mixed with a smoky speck on top.

Sottocasa Pizzeria, 298 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, USA +1 718 852 8758


Another great spot for American cuisine. Hunters is a great hang out spot, although with slightly limited space, with a nice bar. The menu is not really expensive but quite varied. The rolled stuffed pork loin ($16) is juicy with a side of bacon, a sweet potato mash and a nutty taste to it. Otherwise try the mac and cheese with a blend of gruyere, parmesan, and cheddar ($16, $19 with the bacon). Add a bit of bacon to give it a tang.

Hunters, 213 Smith Street, Brooklyn, New York USA +1 718 246 2221

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Chez Moi

Chez Moi is a perfect spot for a date night. It has a warm, rustic yet chic atmosphere. There is an array of choices for appetizers and great main dishes. Start off with the smoked salmon with a crème fraiche and capers. Move on to the entrées and get the seared duck breast with a lovely plum gastrique and tangy roasted turnips.

Chez Moi, 135 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, USA +1 347 227 8337

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It’s hard to find a Thai place that offers great food and a great ambiance. During dinner time the lighting is dim and warm, with an industrial finish to the décor. Start off with some crispy fried spring rolls, with a vegetarian option or a chicken option. Although quite common, you cannot go wrong with the pad Thai, which has a nutty flavoring mixed in with all the other ingredients. Joya does have a lot on the menu, so there are a wide variety of options to choose from.

Joya, 215 Court Street, Brooklyn, New York, USA +1 718 222 3484