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The 10 Best Coffeeshops On The Upper West Side

The 10 Best Coffeeshops On The Upper West Side

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Long considered the ‘coffee shop desert’ of Manhattan, the Upper West Side now boasts coffee and pastries to rival the Stumptown’s of Flatiron and the Blue Bottles of Brooklyn. Check out our guide to some of the best coffee places on the Upper West Side.
Oren's Daily Roast entrance
Entrance to 112th Street/Broadway Oren’s | Courtesy Cindy Liu

Oren’s Daily Roast

Oren’s epitomizes commitment to quality and prides itself on its detailed roasting process—all beans used in your cup o’ Joe have left the roaster that very day—and works with small, private farmers to scout out its robust roasts. Oren’s has some of the smoothest, tastiest almond milk lattes on the Upper West Side and distinctly flavorful American blends. They also serve pastries from Doughnut Plant and Balthazar as delightful accompaniments to this well-loved and well-priced establishment.

Oren’s Upper West Side, 2882 Broadway, New York, NY, USA, 10025 212-749-8779


Fika Apthorp's brewing station
Try Fika’s unique brew! | Courtesy Cindy Liu


Fika’s Swedish roots mean bold Arabica beans and award-winning chocolate truffles, all hand-picked and made on-site. It boasts a quinoa hazelnut truffle, winner of several international chocolatier competitions, as well as shelves of unique preserves and hand-selected coffee beans. Its espresso is bold and so are its flavors.

Fika Apthorp 2211 Broadway (at 78th Street), New York, NY, USA, (212) 873-1255


Cafe Lalo's entrance
Café Lalo’s charming, quirky entrance | Courtesy Cindy Liu

Cafe Lalo

Cafe Lalo stands as the Upper West Side’s reigning slice of Europe. With eclectic posters and equally enticing cakes on full display, the cafe prides itself on its bustling, distinctly Parisian atmosphere. Cafe Lalo offers authentic European brew—you’ll find delicious lattes and cappuccinos—and a brunch and pastry menu just as robust.

Café Lalo, 201 West 83rd Street, New York, NY, USA, 212-496-6031


Mille-Feuille's classic French pastries
Fancy a little French treat? | Courtesy Cindy Liu

Mille-Feuille Bakery

Chef and owner Olivier Dessyn, trained and certified in France, creates a relaxed, effortless atmosphere at his Upper West Side patisserie, serving some of the most delightful French pastries on this side of the Atlantic. Olivier’s abiding commitment to all-natural ingredients made fresh daily in Brooklyn gives a palpable difference. Enjoy Mille Feuille’s salted caramel or passionfruit macarons, eponymous mille-feuille, or celebrated ‘Royal’ (chocolate mousse on praline cake).

Mille-Feuille Bakery, 2175 Broadway (between 77th and 76th Streets), New York, NY, USA, 10024, 212-326-6261

Filicori Zecchini

If Fika breathes Stockholm and Mille Feuille speaks of France, Filicori Zecchini is a taste of the world. Guests can customize their roast and enjoy some of the highest-quality coffee on the Upper West Side, brewed with European machines, accompanied by deliciously flaky croissants.

Filicori Zecchini, 2541 Broadway (between 94th and 93rd Streets), New York, NY, USA, 718-722-1414


Birch Coffee's latte
This beautiful latte just wants to make you happy. | Courtesy Cindy Liu

Birch Coffee

Birch sources everything locally, including its legendary toasted almond tea. Try one of Birch’s popular flat whites or cortados for their signature medium roast, where the flavor of the bean trumps that of the roast. With ornamental ceilings laid against industrial piping, well-dressed baristas, quirky decor, delectable menu, and free used books for reading, Birch will become your new neighborhood favorite.

Birch Coffee, 750 Columbus Avenue (between 97th and 96th Streets), New York, NY, USA, 212-665-1444


Irving Farm Coffee Roasters
Elegant, beautiful, and homey – just how we like it. | Courtesy Cindy Liu

Irving Farm Upper West Side

Irving Farm’s carefully sourced and delicately crafted coffees make it a staple in the Upper West Side. The shop features house-made and Balthazar baked goods with bold, sustainable, handcrafted brews. Irving Farm sources all its beans at its namesake Hudson Valley farm, focused on building an abiding relationship between grower and final cup.

Irving Farm Coffee Roasters, 224 West 79th Street, New York, NY, USA, 212-874-7979


French pastries at La Toulousaine
Mission: Try Every Dessert Here commences now | Courtesy Cindy Liu

La Toulousaine

La Toulousaine is the first original French boulangerie to launch on the Upper West Side and already boasts a loyal following. It’s not hard to see why: the legendary almond croissants are unlike any other in taste, butteriness, or texture, and the madeleines are incredibly popular.

La Toulousaine New York, 946 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY, USA


Plowshares Latte
*cue coffee emoji* | Courtesy Cindy Liu

Plowshares Coffee Roasters

Plowshares serves a smooth, deep espresso. Enjoy locally sourced, carefully chosen beans and a good catch-up.

Plowshares Coffee Roasters, 2730 Broadway (between 105th and 104th Streets), New York, NY, USA, 212-222-0280


Front facade Hungarian Pastry Shop
A New York Institution | Courtesy Cindy Liu

The Hungarian Pastry Shop

On entering the dimly-lit cafe you’ll be greeted by the irresistible smells of Hungarian coffee, classic Hungarian napoleons, Rigó Jancsi (chocolate sponge cake, chocolate mousse cream), dobostorta (chocolate buttercream-layered sponge cake, crunchy caramel topping) and cherry or apple streudel. All these treats are handmade from scratch.

The Hungarian Pastry Shop, 1030 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY, 212-866-4230