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The 10 Best Brunch Spots In Flushing, New York

The 10 Best Brunch Spots In Flushing, New York

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Updated: 15 November 2016
New York City is best known as ‘the city that never sleeps.’ If you do, however, find yourself sleeping in and missing breakfast, Flushing has a diverse selection of brunch spots with enough cultural variety to satisfy any mid-day taste bug. We take a closer look at the 10 best brunch spots in Flushing, Queens.

Pop’s Diner

A Flushing gem, Pop’s Diner is a local favorite that mainly caters to a customer base of loyal regulars. Here, you’ll find traditional American breakfast options at affordable prices. Jus Celino, the owner and host, greets all of his guests as they walk through the doors with a warm, friendly smile and humorous charm. Customers are then seated quickly and are on their way to enjoying a freshly made breakfast special. If you’re in the mood to mingle and indulge in breakfast classics like pancakes and French toast, Pop’s Diner is the place to be.

Pop’s Diner, 44-29B Kissena Boulevard, Flushing, NY, USA, +1 718 463 7719

Java Day Cafe

Rustic and tasty are two words that best describe the experience at Java Day Cafe. Catering specifically to a daytime crowd, this popular breakfast, brunch and lunch spot is the perfect place for a pit stop. Try their delicious gourmet French toast or a Belgian waffle with Nutella while listening to relaxing music in the background.

Java Day Cafe, 160-9 Northern Boulevard, Flushing, NY, USA, +1 718 961 4444

Caffé Bene

Caffé Bene is the perfect brunch spot for anyone with a sweet tooth. Inspired by old European coffee houses, this global franchise puts a Korean twist on traditional favorites. Try the patbingsu — the Korean version of shaved ice — or the honey bread with poached eggs. Caffé Bene’s Flushing location boasts a collegiate feel, complete with bookshelves and comfortable couches available to customers.

Caffé Bene, 158-14 Northern Boulevard, Flushing, NY, USA, +1 718 888 9250

Whitestone Bagels Factory

This bustling, cash-only bagel shop offers some of the freshest bagels in town. An actual bagel factory, customers can indulge in freshly baked bagels all throughout the day. It’s no surprise that Whitestone Bagels Factory has an impressive selection of bagels and cream cheese, but this Flushing brunch spot also offers the likes of egg sandwiches, cold salads and muffins. The line may be lengthy, but the delicious food is worth the wait.

Whitestone Bagels Factory, 2417 149th Street, Flushing, NY, USA, +1 718 762 7700

The Oneness-Fountain-Heart

Established in 1998, The Onenes-Fountain-Heart is one of the few vegetarian restaurants in Flushing. This unique establishment is independently owned and operated by the students of Sri Chinmoy, a spiritual and meditation teacher. Thus, this restaurant’s ambiance focuses on peace and serenity. Brunch is served on Sundays from 10:30 AM to 2 PM, where you can dine on a Mediterranean omelet made with organic eggs, spinach and imported feta cheese, or opt for a simple stack of three fluffy pancakes.

The Oneness-Fountain-Heart, 157-19 72nd Avenue, Flushing, NY, USA, +1 718 591 3663

Kane’s Diner

From chicken and waffles to skirt steak and mashed potatoes, Kane’s Diner offers tasty comfort food that serves as a unique alternative to traditional brunch dishes. Kane’s Diner is another local favorite, with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that makes for a laid-back brunch experience. Breakfast is served 24 hours a day, so you can enjoy brunch at any hour.

Kane’s Diner, 4415 College Point Boulevard, Flushing, NY, USA, +1 718 463 5787

Cafe Originale

For a quaint and cozy brunch experience with green lattes and delectable pastries, Cafe Originale is an obvious choice. The menu offers a variety of classic coffee shop choices in addition to several Asian-inspired dishes. You can also treat yourself to wine if you find yourself staying through the evening.

Cafe Originale, 160-28 Northern Boulevard, Flushing, NY, USA, +1 718 961 0011

Hunan Kitchen of Grand Sichuan

Not your typical brunch cuisine, Hunan Kitchen of Grand Sichuan offers a unique alternative to traditional brunch favorites. Delicious spicy food and an authentic Chinese atmosphere are just two factors that make this restaurant a great choice when brunch time rolls around. Choose from options such as pork shoulder, braised bamboo and seafood.

Hunan Kitchen of Grand Sichuan, 42-47 Main Street, Flushing, NY, USA, +1 718 888 0553

Hahm Ji Bach

Not your typical American brunch spot, Hahm Ji Bach is a great venue — for meat lovers in particular. Banchan, which are small side dishes served with Korean-style rice, seafood pancakes and pork belly are just a few delicious alternatives to your typical omelet and mimosa brunch. Hahm Ji Bach serves traditional Korean dishes, enticing enough for any cultural foodie.

Hahm Ji Bach, 40-11 149th Place, Flushing, NY, USA, +1 718 460 9289

Kissa Bar

With a swanky Manhattan atmosphere, Kissa Bar offers delicious brunch options accompanied by a cocktail or martini. The menu offers unique dishes, such as waffles and ice cream, fried chicken cheese casserole and noodle burgers. On Friday and Saturday nights, Kissa Bar has an in-house DJ who will have you dancing the night away to EDM and Top 40 hits.

Kissa Bar, 133-42 37th Avenue, Flushing, NY, USA, +1 347 368 6755