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The Top 10 Superb Stalls At Smorgasburg Foodie Festival In Brooklyn, New York City
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The Top 10 Superb Stalls At Smorgasburg Foodie Festival In Brooklyn, New York City

Picture of Kate Howley
Updated: 1 December 2016
Brooklynites flocked to Pier 5 in droves this past weekend, descending upon what was once a bare concrete yard, but is now a food festival. There are not very many places where you can get both a giant ice cream sandwich and a burger wedged between two ramen patties in the same vicinity. Here are 10 stalls you can’t miss at the Williamsburg food festival.
Sunday Gravy
Sunday Gravy on made-to-order Rigatoni | © Kate Howley

Sunday Gravy

In every Italian household, Sundays are spent over a pot of simmering gravy (or sauce). Sunday Gravy brings this great Italian-American tradition on the road. They take heaping spoonfuls of sauce made from slow braised beef, pork, sausage and meatballs and pour it over perfectly cooked, made to order rigatoni. If you don’t want the sauce try one of their sandwiches, like chicken parmesan or roasted veggies with goat cheese.

Asia Dog smorgaburg nyc
Asia Dog | © Kate Howley

Asia Dog

Hot Dogs can be found on any corner of New York in the summer, but none are as unique as Asia Dog. Incorporating Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Japanese influences, Asia Dog only uses top quality ingredients and organic meats. They even cater to those who don’t eat meat, offering veggie dogs. The ITO is Japanese curry and homemade kimchi apples; a savory and tangy topping. In the mood for some Vietnamese? Try the complex and spicy VINH, a banh mi style dog with aioli, pâté, cucumbers, pickled carrots and daikon, cilantro and jalapeño.

Landhaus Lamb Burger
Landhaus Lamb Burger | © Kate Howley


Landhaus is a ‘farm-to-sandwich’ joint with a menu item no one can deny drooling over: grilled maple bacon on a stick. Enough said. But if you want a little more food and less fat on a stick, try the Lamburger: grass fed lamb, whipped sheep’s milk feta, house made harissa, grilled onions and cilantro on a fresh roll. The patty is charred to a perfect, crunchy crisp while still remaining juicy inside. They also serve a refreshing mint lemonade that’s perfect for hot summer days.

Blue Marble Ice Cream smorgasburg the culture trip
Blue Marble Ice Cream | © Kate Howley

Blue Marble Ice Cream

Owned by two women born and raised in Brooklyn, Blue Marble has a great story and mission behind their delicious ice cream. They are certified organic, with their own organic ice cream factory as well as a charity fund. They have won many awards and have been featured in over 20 publications, and for good reason. On a hot summer day, nothing cools you off better than a cup (or a cone) of Key Lime Pie, Cookies & Cream or Salted Caramel ice cream. Add any number of toppings, including the usuals like hot fudge and sprinkles, or oddities like balsamic vinegar and egg cream.

Batter & Cream Mini Whoopie Pies the culture trip smorgasburg
Batter & Cream Mini Whoopie Pies | © Kate Howley

Batter & Cream

Head on over to Batter & Cream for their bite-sized whoopie pies. Founder Elizabeth Fife was tired of the same old bite-sized treats, so she came up with creative, gourmet confections made from natural ingredients. She has flavors like banana salted caramel, rosemary brown butter and lemon sage. They are also available to cater events of all sizes, from weddings to corporate events.

Bitesize Kitchen Doughnut Buns smorgasburg the culture trip
Bitesize Kitchen Doughnut Buns | © Kate Howley

Bitesize Kitchen

Steamed buns are one of the cutest, yummiest food items out there; they fit perfectly in your hand, they’re chewy and filled with salty, tangy, savory goodness. Bitesize Kitchen offers delicious, exotic options, calling themselves the ‘glutton’s paradise’. One option is even served on a glazed doughnut. It’s filled with braised pork belly, cucumber, hoisin sauce and pickled jalapeño. If you want something a little healthier, try the red curry coconut chicken with crushed peanuts, fried garlic and shallots served on a steamed bun.

ISH Horseradish smorgasburg
ISH Horseradish | © Kate Howley


If you are a true horseradish fan, ISH is the place to get the best-tasting horseradish. They made four fresh flavors: beet, citrus, garlic and ginger. Not only are these flavors delicious, but they are also great for you. Horseradish is high in vitamin C, free of fat and cholesterol and is a powerful aphrodisiac. Put some on top of fresh oysters when you cook dinner for your significant other.

Brooklyn Soda Works smorgasburg
Brooklyn Soda Works | © Kate Howley

Brooklyn Soda Works

The average glass of cola has around 44 grams of added sugar in it and only comes in sickly-sweet flavors. At Brooklyn Soda Works, they only use fruit juice, herbs and bubbles to make simple and sophisticated sodas. Some of this years flavors include plum & basil; cucumber, lime & sea salt and hibiscus, cinnamon & clove. These drinks are a great thirst quencher on a hot summer day and are more interesting than water or lemonade. They also make great mixers if you’re looking to make delicious, homemade summer cocktails.

Red Hook Lobster Pound
Red Hook Lobster Pound | © Kate Howley

Red Hook Lobster Pound

Besides dunked in warm butter, lobster is best served two ways: piled on a potato roll or baked into mac & cheese. Red Hook Lobster Pound offers all of these delicious options, with some unique variations: a lobster BLT, ‘Connecticut style’ lobster with warm butter & lemon and ‘Tuscan style’ lobster paired with a light, basil vinaigrette. By far their best dish is the lobster mac & cheese, which is warm and gooey with soft lobster bits throughout. Even if it’s boiling hot out this summer, this is a guaranteed must-try.

Red Hook Lobster Pound
Red Hook Lobster Pound | © Kate Howley

Milk Truck Grilled Cheese

Grilled Cheese has truly evolved over the years, from slices of rubbery American cheese and white bread to aged and exotic cheeses on house-made sourdough. At Milk Truck, they have a sophisticated, mouth watering menu that includes the bacon cheddar blue (thick-sliced, double-smoked bacon, NY state cheddar, Wisconsin blue, caramelized onions and spicy pickles on rosemary pullman bread) and their classic (aged Wisconsin Gruyère and cultured butter on Balthazar levian pullman bread). These are definitely grown-up grilled cheeses.

Saturdays: 90 Kent Avenue (at N. 7th St), Williamsburg Brooklyn, New York.

Sundays: Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier 5, Brooklyn, New York.

Milk Truck Grilled Cheese
Milk Truck Grilled Cheese | © Kate Howley