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NYC's Women-Only Workspace, The Wing, Embraces Wellness at Its Latest Location
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NYC's Women-Only Workspace, The Wing, Embraces Wellness at Its Latest Location

Picture of Esme Benjamin
Wellness Editor
Updated: 28 February 2018
If you’re a career-minded woman in New York, chances are you’re a member (or at least friends with a member) of The Wing—a women-only co-working space with an emphasis on community and collaborative empowerment. Its latest outpost launched this month in DUMBO, Brooklyn, and comes with an exhaustive list of facilities, including a shiny new wellness room.

There’s hustle in the air at The Wing. Every blush velvet couch, private call booth, and café corner is full of women typing or talking business. But this level of productivity requires breaks for physical and mental rejuvenation, which is why The Wing DUMBO’s wellness nook is such a wonderful addition.

The small room is outfitted with a mirrored wall, wooden barre, and comfortable cushions from MNDFL (a New York-based meditation studio), so members can drop in for a self-guided meditation or some light exercise. If they work up a sweat, they can take advantage of The Wing’s shower facilities, powder room—which is fully decked-out with beauty products (the good stuff, naturally, like Chanel)—and on-demand blowout service.

Wellness Room
The Wing DUMBO’s Wellness Room | © The Wing

As hard as it can be to step away from the to-do list, taking a wellbeing break can actually make you much more productive over the course of the day. One study, for example, found that workers who did 30-60 minutes of exercise around lunchtime reported a performance increase of around 15 per cent. They noted a marked improvement in their concentration, time-management skills, and ability to meet deadlines, and reported a reduction in the dreaded post-lunch energy dip.

And for moments when the pressure of work is causing you anxiety, a short meditation can help manage your stress. Research proves that levels of the stress hormone ACTH are lower in the blood of meditators than in non-meditators, as are signs of inflammation, like pro-inflammatory cytokines.

With companies catching onto the fact that wellbeing breaks increase productivity and morale, perhaps more workplaces will soon be following The Wing’s lead. Until then, find a friend with a membership ASAP.