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Hartland Brooklyn Cards, Courtesy of Hartland Brooklyn
Hartland Brooklyn Cards, Courtesy of Hartland Brooklyn
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New York City’s 10 Best Travel Finds

Picture of Julia Goicochea
Updated: 24 April 2017
’Tis the season to travel — by plane, train, or automobile, our calendar’s packed with hometown visits, warm-weather getaways, and cozy stay-cations. New York hates to see you go but is sending you off in style. Here are ten New York City travel finds to make any vacation feel like home.
Hartland Brooklyn Cards, Courtesy of Hartland Brooklyn
Hartland Brooklyn Cards | Courtesy of Hartland Brooklyn

Hartland Brooklyn’s Stationery

Update loved ones on your travels — and remind them you’ve got great taste — with an old-fashioned letter written on Hartland Brooklyn’s fashion-forward stationery. With its selection of cartoon-adorned postcards and signature pineapple-print stationery, you’ll be proud to sign your name to this Catskills brand’s unique products.

Glossier’s Soothing Face Mist, Courtesy of Derris & Company
Glossier’s Soothing Face Mist | Courtesy of Derris & Company

Glossier’s Face Mist Pick-Me-Up

At 30,000 feet in the air, you’ll be glad you packed Glossier’s Soothing Face Mist spray, a refreshing pick-me-up in bottled form. Great for hydrating thirsty skin, this gentle rosewater mist is a beauty must-buy for your long journey — and hopefully tropical destination.

Cold Brew Bean Bag Can, Courtesy of Grady’s Cold Brew
Cold Brew Bean Bag Can | Courtesy of Grady’s Cold Brew

Grady’s Cold Brew Coffee

The cold brew craze isn’t over just yet, and Brooklyn company Grady’s Cold Brew makes a strong case for its continuation — and an even stronger cup of joe. Packing its product in convenient single-use ‘bean bags,’ Grady’s allows you to keep your coffee standards high while you’re away from home.

Baggu Pouch Dachshund, Courtesy of BAGGU
Baggu Pouch Dachshund | Courtesy of BAGGU

BAGGU’s Head-Turning Luggage

Who says baggage is a bad thing” Stylish and sturdy, BAGGU’s eye-catching luggage is the New Yorker’s ideal travel companion. From super-sized totes to compact pouches — all of which come in unexpected colors and quirky prints — you’ll find everything you need at this Brooklyn-based brand. Knowing that the right bag can take you far, BAGGU gets you where you want to go.

Bullett Magazine

Indie culture mag Bullett is a must-pack for New York’s in-the-know crowd of fashion insiders and culture vultures. Reporting on artists, events, and ideas before they break, Bullett allows you to stay one step ahead the big city crowd — even from the comfort of your small hometown.

Levain’s Sweet Travel Snack

Take the comfort food of home on the road with Levain’s popular super-sized cookies. Giving Mom’s homemade recipe a run for its money, this West Side hot spot churns out fan-favorite cookies in flavors like chocolate chip walnut and dark chocolate peanut butter. Airline food and gas station buys be gone — Levain’s travel snack staple is sure to make your journey sweet.

MCMC Fragrances Travel-Sized Scents

Co-founded by a pair of cosmopolitan sisters, MCMC Fragrances’ unique scents come in travel-sized containers that are perfect for packing. Produced in small batches and inspired by the women’s travels, the fragrances from this Brooklyn-based brand put a personal touch on your beauty routine.

Courtesy of Normal
Courtesy of Normal

Normal’s Made-For-You Headphones

Perfect for long flights — or morning commutes that just feel long — Normal delivers custom, 3D-printed headphones that won’t break the bank. The brand’s made-for-you products ensure every fit is a perfect one, making these high-tech toys an excellent gift option. A clear, crisp sound at an even higher volume than New York City’s” Sounds like music to our ears.

Courtesy of YARNZ
Travel 2 | Courtesy of YARNZ

YARNZ’s Cozy-Cool Scarves

A cozy scarf that can double as a blanket is a must for long car rides, lengthy flights, or even a particularly comfy commute. Combining functionality and plain old fun, YARNZ’s luxe cashmere scarves come in an array of whimsical patterns and unique prints. Swing by this local brand’s site, and settle in for the most stylish nap you’ll ever take.

Courtesy of YARNZ
Travel 5 | Courtesy of YARNZ

Books for the Busy New Yorker

Why miss home when you can take it with you” Long journeys were made for tackling that reading list that’s been growing all year, including 2015’s most popular New York-themed books. Be transported to 1970s New York in Patti Smith’s vivid memoir M Train, or meet the neighbors in the celebrated candid collection, Humans of New York: Stories. (Bonus points for picking up both at one of the city’s legendary independent bookstores).

By Julia Goicochea

Splitting her time between Miami and New York, Julia is currently studying creative writing in New York City. She enjoys foreign films, graphic novels and Indian cuisine.