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Courtesy of Ruby Warrington
Courtesy of Ruby Warrington
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NYC Wellness Guides: Ruby Warrington, Founder of 'The Numinous'

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Wellness Editor
Updated: 5 May 2017
Before uprooting to New York in 2012, Ruby Warrington had a dream job as one of London’s most renowned fashion editors. But with a clean slate came the opportunity to finally launch her “now age” platform The Numinous—an ode to her love of all things esoteric—and begin writing a book about her experiences, aptly titled Material Girl, Mystical World. To celebrate the launch, we asked Ruby to be our NYC wellness guide, sharing the places and spaces that formed a magical backdrop to her personal transformation. “If I came here expecting it to be like Sex and the City, it wound up being more Eat Pray Love,” she explains…

Hudson River Park

“My first apartment in the city was on Christopher Street in the West Village, which was like landing in a movie set. (The area, not my apartment, which was basically a building site and overrun with vermin). My favorite [activity] was to walk down to the river banks to watch the sunset every night, and I have many fond memories of sitting there, feeling so grateful for the opportunity to come live in this city and setting intentions for what I wanted my NYC experience to be. Much of which has come to pass…”

Hudson River Park, 353 West Street, New York, NY 10014 +1 212 627 2020

Maha Rose Center for Healing

Courtesy of Lisa Miller / Maha Rose
Courtesy of Lisa Miller / Maha Rose

“This beautiful healing center in Greenpoint has always felt like home to me, as its proprietress Lisa Levine brings such a loving mama vibe. I’m a regular at Erin Telford’s Friday night Breathwork sessions, which I find to be a totally psychedelic experience. After all, as I write about in my book, healing is the new nightlife! I’m also hosting a retreat at their upstate location in July 2017.”

Maha Rose, 97 Green St G3, Brooklyn, NY 11222 +1 718 757 2758

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Caravan of Dreams

“A true East Village gem, this is the first vegan place I took my husband where he was like: “Okay, this actually tastes really good!” I can’t get enough of their chilled avocado coconut soup, and the magical chocolatey “Jing Tonic” is like a sexy massage in a mug. They also host regular tarot readings, and the décor is straight out of an emo ’90s Indie flick. Swoon.”

Caravan of Dreams, 405 E 6th Street, New York, NY 10009 +1 212 254 1613

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The Class by Taryn Toomey

Courtesy of The Class

“A.K.A the killer mind, body, spirit workout from fitness bombshell Taryn Toomey. I don’t get to attend that often, but only in NYC could you find a workout that combines hardcore conditioning and cardio work with yogic pranayama and shamanic techniques. Taryn’s new TriBeCa studio is something else, with a special sprung floor that’s also embedded with healing crystals.”

The Class, 291 Broadway, 4th Floor, NY, USA, 10007

Buffalo Exchange

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Buffalo Exchange, Driggs Avenue
Buffalo Exchange, Driggs Avenue | Courtesy of Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange

Courtesy of Buffalo Exchange

“I’m completely addicted to this clothing exchange/consignment store, as I always find the BEST designer bargains here. The Williamsburg location is right around the corner from my apartment, and I’m always stopping in to see what’s new… and walking out with some pristine piece of Helmut Lang for, like, $50. I also take in all my old clothes to swap. Sustainable fashion at its finest!”

Buffalo Exchange, 504 Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211 + 718 384 6901

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Courtesy of Maiyet
Courtesy of Maiyet

“Speaking of which, this year I’ve got really into Maiyet, one of the only luxury brands that’s fully eco-friendly. They hosted a killer sample sale in January, and their beautiful store in SoHo is where I found the perfect dress for my upcoming book launch! Feminine but edgy, Carrie Bradshaw would most definitely approve.”

Maiyet, 16 Crosby St, New York, NY 10013 +1 212 343 9999

Space by Mama Medicine

Courtesy of Space by Mama Medicine/Opening Ceremony
Courtesy of Space by Mama Medicine/Opening Ceremony

“My dear friend Deborah Hanekamp is a total priestess, and her signature Medicine Reading Ceremony (a personal ceremony using sound, energy work, crystals and tinctures to facilitate deep emotional healing) was one of the most profound healing experiences of my “numinous” journey. Her new Spring Street space is the place to try it for yourself.”

Space by Mama Medicine, 73 Spring Street Suite 501, New York, NY 10012 +1 212 226 1714

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The Top of The Standard

Courtesy of The Top Of The Standard

This bar oozes classic NYC glamor and has views and a vibe that just can’t be beat. LOVE the bathroom cubicles too, which have floor-to-ceiling windows looking out across the city. Don’t worry—you can see them, but they can’t see you (I don’t think …!) I don’t really drink these days, but this is one bar I’d still happily hang out in drinking Club Soda all night.”

The Standard, High Line, 848 Washington St, New York, NY 10014 +1 212 645 7600

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Courtesy of MatchaBar

“I’m a total matcha covert, and this spot really does do it best. I like to keep it simple—hemp milk matcha latte—but you can get all kinds of matcha-infused drinks and baked goods here. The Williamsburg outpost also has a copy of that giant Birthday Book for you to peruse, and I find it endlessly fascinating to check out the readings for the birthdays of my friends and fam.”

MatchaBar, 256 W 15th Street, New York, NY 10011 +1 212 627 1058

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Dirt Candy

Courtesy of Dirt Candy

“Hands down the most delicious and decadent plant-based menu in the city. You have to book a month or so out and my husband and I finally got a table to celebrate our birthdays this year. Now I’m obsessed. The menu is so inventive, and every plate so memorable, it’s hard to name a favorite dish. But if I had to choose, the carrot sliders and spinach spaetzle would be my winners.”

Dirt Candy, 86 Allen Street, New York, NY 10002 +1 212 228 7732

Material Girl, Mystical World: The Now Age Guide to a High Vibe Life by Ruby Warrington is out May 2, 2017 on Harper Elixir.