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Central Park New York | © Mack Male/Flickr
Central Park New York | © Mack Male/Flickr
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The Best Spots For Cold Weather Cocktails In New York City

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Updated: 9 February 2017
The time for gloves, hats, and heavy coats is rapidly approaching and though most folks dread it, there are ways to combat the chill Mother Nature brings to the season. A good cold weather cocktail – mulled wine, cider, hot toddy or spiked coffee/hot chocolate/tea is prime to warm up the body. Endless recipes are available to try in the kitchen; however, grab some friends and hang out at these NYC spots and ask the mixologist to set you up right.
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Asellina Ristorante

Asellina boasts a lively bar scene and is the perfect spot to escape to with friends on a cold winter night. Sitting inside the Gansevoort Park Hotel in the Meatpacking district, the crowd is of the fashionable kind so dress to match the scene. If it’s not on the menu, the bartender can certainly whip up a nice hot toddy with ramazzotti amaro, tanqueray gin, hot water and limoncello. It warms up the body nicely and suits the scene of pretty people walking about. Beat the winter blues away with this concoction or impress friends with a homemade mix.

Asellina, 420 Park Avenue South. New York, NY, USA +1 212 317 2908

Asellina Ristorante
Asellina Ristorante | © Barney Bishop/Flickr
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Black Mountain Wine House

Cozy with a nice fireside to warm up the atmosphere is Black Mountain Wine House in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn. The large fireplace and woodsy farmhouse brick style aesthetics soothe the mind on a day meant for staying indoors and doing nothing. Offering over 30 selected variety of wines in whites, reds and blends, the standout hot mulled red wine is sure to be pleasant. Expect a sweet and spicy flavor on the tastes buds as it hits the tongue.

Black Mountain Wine Hourse, 415 Union Street. New York, NY, USA +1 718 522 4349

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Aptly housed inside the Library Hotel, Bookmarks‘ lounge and swanky rooftop offers patrons the Tea S. Elliot, Hot and Smokey Cider, and Tea Latte #14 among others are options as this winter season’s hot cocktails. The literary inspired bar draws the intellectual and mindful crowd. Count your lucky stars on a random day when in this scene for the gorgeous ambiance and garden view. It’s a reminder of how beautiful the New York City winter can be.

Bookmarks Lounge, 299 Madison Avenue. #14. New York, NY, USA +1 212 204 5498

Library Hotel
Library Hotel | © Catherine Cronin/Flickr
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Fort Defiance

The Red Hook neighborhood in Brooklyn has Fort Defiance. This inviting café and bar serves up some great eats and cocktails any season throughout the year. Stepping inside feels like visiting a friend and during the cold months, some hot helper cocktails like their Irish Coffee, the Kentucky Night Cap and the well known Koffie Van Brunt including others are available to indulge. These hot toddy and spiked coffee/hot chocolate selections tend to be mainstays on the winter menus so fear not if you miss a visit this season, they will be there next year waiting to be consumed.

Fort Defiance Café and Bar, 365 Van Brunt Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA +1 347 453 6672

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Kingston Hall

Oh yes – the winter is cold and Calgon can’t take away folks fast enough to the sunny beaches of the Caribbean. Unfortunately not everyone can escape and here’s where Kingston Hall in the East Village comes in. A sip of the Hot Buttered Rum is a fine choice to get you imagining being on a hammock with palm trees dancing in the background. The fireplace bar might bring you back to reality, but that’s ok, because for a moment, a nice hot cocktail transported the mind to an alternate reality to cope with the cold.

Kingston Hall, 149 Second Avenue, New York, NY, USA +1 212 263 2663

Snowy New York day
Snowy New York day | © Alan Strakey/Flickr
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Red Rooster Harlem

Red Rooster Harlem, with its diverse crowd for company on famous Lenox Avenue, is where on a cold winter day it’s ideal to enjoy getting to know someone while drinking an Earl of Harlem hot cocktail. Three simple ingredients, spiced earl grey tea, lemon and bulleit bourbon make up this season’s hot toddy to chase the cold away. Each cocktail pays homage to the historic identity of the Harlem that was, and the one that is. Admire the photos on the wall by locals of locals showcasing the fine humans of Harlem.

Red Rooster Harlem, 310 Lenox Avenue, New York, NY, USA +1 212 792 9001

Red Rooster Restaurant Harlem | © Kullez/Flickr

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The Spotted Pig

Small, but full of energy, this casual West Village hotspot gastropub is known for its burgers. So on a cold winter day, The Spotted Pig, no reservations needed, sees a crowd. For a hot cocktail, the hot mulled wine of aromatic brandy, sweet dry Malbec, citric orange, sour lemon and other winter spices hits the tongue just right. Prices run high so come prepared with deep pockets and ready to enjoy the drinks or anything else on the menu. It is popular for celebrity sighting and can get quite busy very fast.

The Spotted Pig, 314 West 11th Street, New York, NY, USA +1 212 620 0393

The Spotted Pig
The Spotted Pig | © Daniel Cruz Valle/Flickr